10 Sleek Hairstyles For Straight Hair Trending In 2021

The beauty of naturally straight hair is undeniable. It’s lovely on its own and doesn’t necessitate a lot of effort to look decent. Its smooth surface provides you an advantage in shaping it into a variety of designs. Straight hairstyles have much natural shine because they provide a smooth surface for the light to reflect on. Since the scalp oils easily go down the hair shaft, it is inherently healthy. It’s time to reintroduce yourself to your lovely natural texture! Don’t worry. Ladies with long hair have multiple choices of hairstyles for any hair length. Here are the most illustrative examples of hairstyles for straight hair that reflect the current hair trends and provide you with interesting styling solutions.

Straight Layered Hair

Layered long hair


Straight Layered Hair Layers are a terrific method to add volume and movement to dead-straight hair. Straight hair, especially if it’s long and fine, might appear limp and lifeless. Your hairdresser can create the illusion of thicker, bouncier long hair that frames your face in a more appealing way by cutting in layers.

Butterfly Clips + Straight Hair

Clip it in your straight hair

With these charming butterfly clips, you can embrace the ’90s fashion! These accessories can be used to create a wide range of fashions. A half-up, half-down appearance, on the other hand, is one of the greatest solutions for straight long hair. You may create the illusion of extra volume and look stylish by teasing the hair at the crown and adding clips to the top. Plus, because straight hair is smoother and more slippery than curly hair, the teasing will give the clips something to grab.

 Straight Hairstyle with A Ponytail

Straight ponytail


The urban ponytail hairstyle mixes a super-sleek, extra-long high ponytail with brushed baby hairs for a look that’s both classy and edgy. Use a flat iron to keep flyaways at bay, if your hair is naturally straight. Add extra-long extensions for a bold appearance and pair with glam makeup to make a city streets statement.

Braids For The Blonde Goddess


Golden braids

Blonde hair is ideal for braids of any kind, as the many tones in this hair color add dimension to the braiding. While most people are familiar with goddess braids for natural Afro-textured hair, there is a straight blonde variant of these braids. French or Dutch braids are plaited from front to back in straight hair goddess braids. While they follow the basic direction of cornrows, they are not as tight or elevated as typical cornrows, as cornrowing can cause breaking in straight hair.

Ponytail + Undercut


Undercut ponytail

An undercut is a dramatic appearance that can be fashioned in many different and eye-catching ways for the more daring straight-haired ladies. An undercut with a ponytail is a beautiful combination. A high pony softens your undercut while drawing attention to it. For a lovely ’90s vibe, add a scrunchy, or keep it simple with a transparent hair tie for a sleek ‘topknot’ impression.

Layers + Long Straight Hair

Long layers

Layers are a terrific method to subtly make your straight long hair attractive to your facial shape. Layers that begin below the chin and gently progress to longer lengths will make your face appear longer and more defined, ideal for round faces. Layers that fall away from your face instead of curving inward are excellent for softening a triangular face. Layers in your long straight hair will also help it appear thicker and less flat.

Asymmetric Bob In Dark Green

Green bob

Asymmetric bobs, also known as A-line bobs or inverted bobs are classic haircuts that look especially good on round faces. With super straight and smooth hair, the graduated line of your haircut is even more obvious and eye-appealing. Consider changing the color, if you already have a sleek asymmetric bob, — dark green is one of the hottest trends for 2021, and the hue can be adjusted to suit your skin tone.

Short Messy Spikes

Messy spikes

Spikes that are short and messy aren’t just for the lads! This textured, edgy appearance is a striking alternative for ladies with short straight hair. It’s simple to style for day or night, and it suits both fine and thick hair. The trick is to make your spikes appear untidy and undone – uniform spikes can make you look like a cartoon character!

Fishtail Braids On The Side

Fishtail braid

Straight hair looks great with fishtail braids because there are no natural curls or waves to compete with the braid. Straight hair portions are easy to separate and plait. Fishtail side braids are beachy and bohemian, and they look great beneath a hat in the cooler months or during a summer festival. Even better, they’re among the simplest braids to make!

Blunt Long Hair

Straight hair in a messy bun

Layers are normally recommended for long, straight, fine hair, but a blunt cut can look great on thick hair. Blunt cuts have a really current, editorial air to them that makes them stick out from the crowd, so think about it if that’s your taste.

The Messy Bun Hair

While it’s tempting to embrace straight hair’s glossy and clean finish, a messy bun adds texture and is ideal for any occasion of a brunch, a casual date, etc. However, there is a thin line between elegantly untidy and unkempt, so pay attention to the finer points.

Bangs + Long Layered Hair

Straight hair with a bang

Long layered hair with bangs is an exceedingly appealing appearance and one of the most timeless haircuts. The term “long layers” refers to the fact that the length of the layered pieces varies greatly – some are very little, while others are very lengthy. This helps to add movement and create a lovely frame for your face. On the other hand, bangs help to equalize proportions and draw attention to your eyes and lips, which is ideal for masking a wide forehead.

Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair

A blunt shoulder-length cut on straight hair is a very adaptable appearance that flatters all face shapes. A half-up, half-down style, micro braids, a ponytail, or a low bun are just a few of the styling options. Add dynamic highlights and lowlights, as well as soft, face-framing bangs to your blunt shoulder-length hair to make it even more attractive.

Style Of Pompadour

Chic pompadour

A pompadour’s height and volume command attention, making it ideal for folks who don’t mind being the focus of attention. A pompadour looks excellent with dramatic eye make-up and accentuated brows because it draws attention to your face. It looks great on both straight short hair and long hair.

Straight Bob In The Middle

Middle parted bob hair

Don’t you have time to style your hair? It’s no problem! A low-maintenance, high-glamour middle part straight bob is ideal for trendy women who want to move from workstation to the dance floor in a flash. This haircut is feminine and attractive, especially if you have a round or oblong-shaped face. To make your center part straight bob work, all you need is a smoothing serum and a flat iron to ensure no hair is out of place.


Style straight hair like any other hair, irrespective of long or short hair, and look stunning. Now that you know how to style straight hair, try out these effortless and stylish hairstyles and turn heads.


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