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4 Most Common Types of Commercial Digital Door Locks

4 Most Common Types of Commercial Digital Door Locks

Losing your keys is quite common. Most employees lose their key at least once in a lifetime. And once a key is lost – with no spare key, it’s really troublesome. You have to break the lock and replace it. It’s as much costly as it’s cumbersome.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing commercial digital door locks for use – for your business office, then you have clicked on the right article. In this article, I will discuss the types of locks you might consider. Knowing about the types will help you decide the kind of lock you want to use for commercial purposes.

What are the types of Commercial Digital Door Locks

This was just about one con of traditional key locks. There are also some security issues associated with the traditional key locks. You would want to provide the best protection, buying state-of-the-art locks. You can also take help from a locksmith or Serrurier (in Belgium).

At present, the offices usually use digital locks. It’s digital in the sense that the locks are designed using information technology. Let’s see the following types.

Touchscreen/Keypad Locks

A keypad lock is the type of lock that requires you to use a PIN to unlock it. Typically, you have to set a sequence of number as your PIN. Quite easy to install, it allows different users to have different combinational PINs for each. And whenever you feel like your PIN is not safe enough, you can change it instantly.

Some models have physical keypads, and some models come with a touch screen. You would even see some models which have handles or deadbolts connected, giving an added layer of protection. If you provide the wrong PIN for, say, three times, the screen will shut down for some time, not allowing you to try again.

Wireless Lock

Wireless locks, as its name suggests, take advantage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. This lock is mostly used in residential buildings.

Within the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth range, you can control the lock using a remote or app. This type of lock may come with a deadlock. Some locks don’t have any deadbolt.

You can control locks that come with a deadbolt with a key or just by touching on the surface of the deadbolt, given that you are in the Bluetooth range. Some smart locks will automatically unlock when you (it’s your smartphone actually!) are inside a certain rage.

Biometric Locks

Many offices are shifting toward installing biometric locks. And why not? It’s even simpler to use than the types above of locks. After you provide your fingerprint information to the lock, it will restore the information.

So, next time when you give your fingerprint, it will scan it and verify it. After it has identified your print, the door will be unlocked. It takes no more than 2 seconds. You don’t have to carry your keys or fobs.

As every human being on this earth has a unique fingerprint, it’s quite difficult to forge. There may have a keypad also as its operation depends on connectivity. The newer generation of biometric locks can store fingerprint information of up to 100 people.

Keycard Locks

There is a major difference between these three types of locks and keycard lock. While all the locks, as mentioned above, allow you not to carry any objects such as key, keycard locks come a card that you have to carry with you. All you have to keep with yourself is a flat-looking plastic made card.

But it’s as much convenient as your debit/credit card. You can carry the keycard the way you carry the ATM cards, and a card reader will be installed at the door. If the card reader recognizes the code on a particular card, it will lock the door.

Most standard models require you to tap the card. Different models have different ways of working. Instead of tapping, some models might require swiping or even inserting.

Final Words

So these were the four most common types of locks that are suitable for commercial use. Now that you know something about them, you should choose one that suits your purpose. For example, while biometric locks give you the maximum level of protection, yet you shouldn’t choose it if you have more than a hundred employees.

There are also several factors that you should consider while buying commercial digital door locks. For example, a low battery indicator is a feature that you wouldn’t want to miss. You should consider factors such as durability, pricing, and scope of integration before you buy a digital lock.