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5 Places to Visit in Borneo

Borneo is the third big island on Earth and is divided into two segments. The northern part of Borneo is regarded as still in Malaysia, while the southern region of the island, also called Kalimantan, is viewed as part of Indonesia. 5 Places to Visit in Borneo.

Borneo is one of the mysterious destinations in which travelers discover everything is off the beaten path. The island is profoundly steeped in early tribal background, which heavily influences Borneo today. More than four million tribal sailors, split into 450 ethnolinguistic groups, nevertheless occupy Borneo today. Borneo is covered by thick, lush tropical rainforests and rivers that crisscross the island, such as a central road system.

In reality, they’re — many folks in Borneo do travel by ship and tons of this island’s trade is regarding the river manners. Borneo’s tourism sector is based heavily on its landscape’s natural beauty; that’s the principal reason people travel to Borneo. The island has a number of the most spectacular river rafting excursions on the Earth that the sites and sounds of that are unmatched by any other destination on Earth.

Turtle Islands Park

Found in the region of 3, smaller outer-lying islands outside Borneo, Turtle Islands Park provides people the chance to get close up & personal with sea turtles in their natural habitats. All these islands are prime breeding grounds for the Green Turtle. Female turtles make their way on these islands’ shores to lay their eggs in the sand every night. When the baby turtles hatch, they hobble in the sea to join others.

Since the Green Turtle species have been endangered, neighborhood park rangers establish a program in which members of this turtle task force afford the turtle eggs into a nearby hatchery until they were born then discharge the babies to the sea. If the park rangers hadn’t intervened, the hatchlings just had a 3 percent chance of reaching adulthood because of environmental risks like predators. Visit Delta Airlines Ticketing to get the best offers on vacation package with cheap flight fares to Borneo.


Located near Turtle Islands Park is the biggest orangutan sanctuary on the planet. The refuge is not your typical variety that holds animals in captivity. On the contrary, it offers a haven for orangutans to go and come as they please — till they can live by themselves from the wild. Visitors to the refuge can observe as the team feed the orangutans twice per day and learn more about the sanctuary during other times in their leisure.

Beaufort Train

The Beaufort Train is a simple railroad system connecting the cities of Beaufort and Tenom in Borneo. Some folks use the rail to get company and other non-tourist functions, but most use the fence to explore some of this island’s hidden interiors. The route takes railroad riders throughout the Padas Gorge and round the Padas River, which comprises Grade 4 white water rapids. The road also passes quaint and mountainous regions from the rainforest. The average visitor to Borneo does not get to see, like villages, plantations, and farms.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge was created by a set of character conservationists and constructed utilizing locally-produced materials. The lodge allows people to remain on-sight and see Borneo’s organic components — such as a number of their island’s most abundant species within their natural habitats. The lodge is home to over 250 types of birds and 100 species of animals, such as elephants, orangutans, and rhinoceros.

The lodging is quaint and comfortable, and the food is supplied. Lodge staff provides guided tours and respective information presentations about a few of the region’s indigenous flora and fauna. This lodge’s Guests can see the outback in an open Jeep, research waterfalls, see ancient tribal burial grounds, and much more.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park comprises five islands — Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sulug, and Pulau Manukan. ‘Island hopping’ is popular with the natives, who see these islands often to partake from the wide variety of actions that each one must offer you. Pulau Mamutik is the nearest to Borneo appropriate and also the smallest in the series.

It’s a panoramic overlook where people can find a bird’s eye view of the environment. Pulau Sapi is reportedly the very best spot to swim in all Borneo. It is available at low tide with a sandbar. The waters surrounding Pulau Sapi offer people a crystal-clear glimpse in the live coral reefs beneath. Monkeys and Sea Eagles telephone Pulau Sapi house.

It is the significant island in the series and boasts several of Borneo’s essential flora and fauna. Twenty kilometers of paths and boardwalks meander through some of their best kept natural secrets of Borneo. Monkeys and birds are found in abundance from the tropical rainforest and hardwood mangroves around Pulau Gaya, while Pulau Sulug boasts some of the best snorkeling waters in all Borneo.

Pulau Manukan is the 2nd biggest of these islands but pales compared to Pulau Gaya. It is kind of like a ghost town, with all the ruins of a quarry and a great deal of older, undated graves scattered around. The park headquarters are situate on Pulau Manukan, and the island provides scuba diving and coral reefs, using plenty of colorful marine life. 5 Places to Visit in Borneo.

Borneo is unlike any other location on Earth. So a lot of this island remains untouched following centuries of individual in-habitation. Traveling to Borneo is for the adventuresome since luxury on this particular island is rare. You’ll be”roughing it” and living the life most of the time because the natives do; however, what better way to experience everything that the destination has to offer you? Get in touch with your regional travel or booking agent to learn more about visiting Borneo. 5 Places to Visit in Borneo. 

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