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5 Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement

Key is such a part of your car that ensures your entrance to it.  If your key is damaged or unable to perform properly, your entire vehicle gets stuck in ruin. Sometimes it causes accidents and other damages too. You must check out your keys and replace them immediately if needed. So here are 5 signs you need a car key replacement immediately.

5 Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement

There are lots of signs that give you an idea of whether you need to replace your key or buy a new one for your car. 5 major signs among them are as follows:

Lock or Damaged Key

The first and foremost reasons that you need a new car key is when your key is damaged or locked for many reasons. Damaged keys are rare to identify because it does not become broken or distorted. When being damaged, it just loses its power of action.

Sometimes it’s so hard to get any direct proof for the damage of your key. There happens only an acute change in the indentation part of the key. Whatever the cause of damage is, you must replace your damaged key with a new one. Damaged keys increase the possibility of disorganized work of your car mechanisms.

Moreover, you might find your lock being damaged gradually due to the damaged key. So it is better to check out your locks and keys of your car at least once in a week. Thus, you will get an idea of whether you need to replace your car key or not.

Damaged Key Fobs

Car key fobs work mostly with the help of batteries. Batteries supply the power to the fobs to perform according to the driver’s direction. If you find your key fob is not working properly, be sure that there must be a problem with the battery.

Normally, a key fob performs depending on the interconnection among the receivers and transmitters. But damaged key fobs make a malfunctioning in these connections too. And that time, you need to replace your key for a new key fob.

Some cars contain keyless remote batteries. They also show some unusual mechanisms which will direct you a hint to replace this remote battery. Then, you have to purchase a uniqe remote battery for your car.

Faulty Ignition Cylinder

A car runs well for the proper participation of all the parts. External door locks and ignition cylinder are also two of its most important parts to make it run perfectly. Ignition cylinder might often get damaged or attacked by other issues which are harmful to your vehicle.

You will understand it when you find your key is not working once it is attached to the ignition cylinder. Sometimes it may be fault of the key or the ignition cylinder. To be assured, you should check out your ignition cylinder if it is okay or not.

If you find it problematic, you must contact a Serrurier to change it without any delay. If not, then replace your key as it is responsible for the misconduct then.

Copied or Aftermarket Car Keys

Copied car keys are hazardous for your vehicle. You may make a copied key for your car from the original one, but it will never give you the same support as before. Because duplication naturally reduces work power or capability. So, it will be the wise decision to buy a new original car key as early as possible for the best performance.

Another issue could be the use of aftermarket keys. Since the aftermarket keys are very cheap in rate, you might buy them for quick use. But remember that if you buy such keys, it is mandatory to reprogram those.

Car keys are being newly programmed after a short time nowadays. And aftermarket keys lack those new programs in themselves. That is why you need to update them once you buy them.

Non-Programmed Keys

Modern cars bear programmed key advantage in making the cars more secured. These keys establish integrity with all the transmitters and parts of the car, which keep them more secured. If you find your car key is not functioning accurately, maybe it is because your car key is not programmed or non-programmed. In this situation, you need to program your key immediately.


Keys are vital parts for cars and other vehicles. If it does not work correctly, your vehicle might refuse to run. So, check out your keys after some days and if you find any of these 5 signs, you need a replacement car key. Otherwise, it will cause accidents too. How to Find a Low Cost Car Loan Investment