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6 Tips For Balanced Diet Portions From Nutritionists

Different nutrients in our diet have different roles in our bodies. Whether they are macronutrients like proteins and carbohydrates or micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, each of them is required in a specific quantity. In order to make sure our body is getting that specific need fulfilled, nutritionists have sketched this diet according to the need of a specific body called portion control. 6 Tips For Balanced Diet Portions 2021.

As a person who suffers from eating disorders and is always exhausted and fatigued, I knew that this is because of my unbalanced diet. But despite knowing the cause I wasn’t being able to fix it not matter how hard I tried. After so many failed trials I finally decided to reach out to my old class fellow who is now a certified dietitian in Islamabad and has so many amazing reviews. She actually introduced me to a portion control diet and it literally changed my life. 

6 Tips On Portion Control From A Nutritionist

I have been struggling with my nutritionist for a few years now and over time I have gotten so many valuable tips on maintaining a portion control diet. Some of them are:

  1. Hydration Is The Key

Science has actually proved that dehydration can sometimes cause a rumbling stomach which means that sometimes you are not hungry, you just need to drink water. Also drinking water before every meal can fill up your stomach and you are less likely to overeat. Not to mention the benefits of water consumption in proper digestion. 

  1. Vegetables For The Win

Filling up your plate with vegetables will not only help you consume healthy nutrients but will also save you from consuming junk food by keeping you full. For example, having a lettuce wrap instead of bread, having raw salad as a side meal instead of fries, and switching to broccoli or mushrooms as the main source of protein. 

  1. Portion Controlled Serving Plates

Research proves that serving plates and utensils can actually influence you into eating mindfully. Using small serving plates for carbohydrates and fats, using a small spoon to eat rice or cereal, and using a large bowl to eat your salad might help. 

  1. Cutting Your Carbs

Be mindful of how you consume your grains and starches. For example, adding milk on the top of a bowl filled with cereal and adding cereal in a bowl filled with milk are not the same. These small practices can actually make a lot of difference. So next time you dine out, make sure to order a healthy side or appetizer instead of something stir-fried. 

  1. No Distractions While Eating 

If nothing, just turn off your television or phone while eating. Research shows that people eat more mindfully in the absence of distractions. And if you are working in the office try taking a break and change your place while having a meal. 

  1. End With the Healthy Dessert

If you are someone for whom dessert after a meal is a must, try finding a healthy replacement for your dessert. You can have a spoonful of homemade flavored yogurt or perhaps a flavored green tea which is mildly sweet. 


That being said, in order to manage portions, there are indeed realistic actions you may adopt. Such basic modifications have proved to be effective in minimizing portions without losing taste or sensations of fulfillment.

Diet portion management is a fast remedy in the end that improves the quality of life and will avoid overindulging.

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