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7 steps to make a person who has had a bad day smile

They have almost always told us not to talk to strangers, that it can be dangerous, not to trust; however, these thoughts create barriers and fears among human beings, which is sometimes wrong. You do not have to be so far as to walk with total distrust of others or show indifference towards your fellow men, nor do you have to pass as if we were invisible to live. Moreover, you learn how to make people laugh. 7 steps to make a person who has had a bad day smile.

Thus, it goes without saying that a smile can brighten the day of a friend, a relative, or a stranger, even for a few seconds, and can become a good memory. Sometimes, we do not dare to get out of the habit and show a little empathy and humility for all the beliefs that we have learned through the years.

Therefore, we share some ideas with which you can brighten the lives of the people around you, spread love, humility, and charity everywhere. I promise you will feel the change.

Make an effort to prove that you care.

Take on the task of knowing what the person in front of you likes the most or what they would like to do the most. Please make an effort to talk about it or try to do that activity with him or her.

Tell a joke

It does not express how good or bad the joke is, as they say, but the intention and the fact that you try to make someone laugh, the minimum, will provoke a smile.

Play to tickle him a bit

This could end in a tickle war and will get you loads of laughs. This method is beneficial when you choose the right time. The person may be indifferent, a little sad, or ordinary. One thing: be careful if he’s in a bad mood!

Pay attention and listen.

Often, we look for someone to pay attention to our feelings or thoughts, and we are not brave enough to ask for help or to speak. We must pay attention and see the signs that tell us that the other person needs to talk to us about something. Remember not to interrupt and let him speak as much as he wants; when he pauses for silence, he gives his opinion without judgment.

Share what made you smile.

We often see things on our social networks or on the street that are funny or beautiful, and if they make you smile, sharing them with another person will also make you feel the same.

Could you give him a gift?

Sometimes surprises cheer the soul and can range from something that the person likes to eat, a message, some tickets to go to the movies, a photograph, a bracelet that reminded you of that person … whatever; This will make you feel excited and happy. On the other hand, it will also make you smile a lot since making others happy causes us to experience the same sensation.

Share a happy memory.

It has always been said that to remember is to live again; what better way to smile than with an old memory that will make you laugh. I assure you that you have thousands of photographs, letters, or something that you can share and make that person laugh.

You can also compliment her, but it should be one that you really think about and may never have taken the time to express it out loud. Compliments always make people feel better and are well received.

Smile! It is effortless to smile, and it is contagious, you’ll see!

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