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7 Things for a Successful SEO Content Strategy

If you’re a blogger or a person who keeps a little knowledge about digital marketing, then you must know the term “SEO.” What it means, including how important it is for your website. Let’s take a quick review of SEO before going for a successful Content strategy with SEO.

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. A basic or organic way to drive web traffic or visitor’s on our website. It is a process to rank higher on Search engines such as google, bing yahoo, Yandex, etc… To rank your website for a specific phrase or SEO terms, we say for a keyword; we do SEO on our website.

For example, we are providing services for content writing. If a user search on google than he most probably type “content marketing service,” “affordable content marketing services,” “content marketing services in India” or for a particular location. So you have to rank higher on these keywords so that when a user searches on a search engine for these queries, your website or business comes on the top.

A content strategy is a way to create and distribute your content for your audience, attract them, and turn them into from a visitor to your customers. Your content strategy will be successful when you understand your audience or customers’ needs, what they want, and focus on developing the content of their interest, relevancy, and helpful or valuable. 

It is necessary to understand the purpose of your content. Otherwise, there is no use of your content. Also, it consumed your time as well as money. So before preparing your content strategy, focus on your consumers. So how are you going to prepare your content strategy for business🤔🤔? 

Well, here we came up with 7 things for a successful SEO Content strategy:-

  1. Set your GoalsAnalyze, the Competitors
  2. Do a Keyword Research
  3. Create Backlinks
  4. Distribute your content on popular websites in your niche
  5. Prepare an Editorial Calendar
  6. Fetch the feedback from customers
  7. Set your Goals

When you know what you want at the end of the day, you will be focused on that whole day!! You will be more concentrated on that when you know what you want at the end of the business. You know what to write, you will get to know how you can convert a user into a customer and retain your previous customers.  

Always remember retaining a customer is important same as getting a new customer. Try to make your brand rememberable. So the customers easily remember your brand, suggests others, and easy to access. 

Track your audience by their journey of the discovery phase, how they get to know about you, the consideration phase until the point of sale, to becoming a repeat customer. Create content in a way that brings your leads and convert them into a customer. 

Analyze your Competitors

Analyze your competitors: their website content, keywords, design and graphics, and other distribution channels. Find the lacks where competitors are not working, learn the things you think work, and a good trick. Adopt it!!

Fill the gaps and produce better content and make value in your business. Look, what your competitors are doing, but focus on, what they are not!!

Do a Keyword Research

SEO is not only about publishing content on a regular interval or creating backlinks; It is more than that. It’s about how you do technical analysis as well as non-technical analysis of your website. You get a little Anxious to hear technical & non-technical words. Well, it is nothing; by technical and non-technical analysis, what I mean is On-Page & Off-Page SEO, respectively. 

On-page SEO optimizes the meta tags, robots.txt, using proper tags, speed optimization, and building a strategic sitemap. Basically, it’s about how your website is working, how healthy your website is. To learn more about Page SEO techniques here.  

Display advertisement is all about “Keyword.” It would help if you found the right keyword so that your website will appear in front of the right audience, and they will be more interested in your content and services. So before publishing content, you need to do proper keyword research.

Now you think if all it’s depends on keyword, then why you need to On-Page SEO on your website? Well, well, only finding the right keyword is not enough to reach your targeted audience. After finding the right keyword, you need to rank on this keyword. Google ranking is dependent almost 60%-70% on On-page SEO. That’s why you want to optimize your website.

Free Keyword research tools are Google keyword planner. Also, you can use ahref.

(Note:- Ahref is a paid tool)

 Create Backlinks

Create content that everyone wants to link back to, even those Wikipedia as well. Yeah, it’s not an easy task, but yes, it’s worthy. It will take time to create valuable content; it needs a lot of research and knowledge to produce content. But getting natural backlinks is one of the best ways to create backlinks.SEO Content Strategy conmapy.

Remember, after publishing your content, you need to share this content on other websites like need to do bookmarking, social sharing, search engine submission for faster indexing, image sharing, create some profiles, etc. To make backlinks, You can find all these website links in a single place where I believe TheDigimarket. 

The Digimarket is a place where you can get Digital Trends, SEO, and lot’s of verified websites where you can dofollow backlinks. 

Distribute your content on Popular website in your Niche

Don’t publish your content on an irrelevant website that is not relevant to your business or niche in any way. Distribute your content with media like blog, youtube, influence marketing, etc. Always focus on the right audience to distribute your content through the right medium and not waste your essence by spilling it over everything.

Prepare an Editorial Calendar

Once you have prepared the list of different mediums, you need to distribute your content and publish it. Design an editorial calendar to write the details of when and where you have to publish the content. 

An editorial program is a way to keep track of your content that where and when you have published your content and keep it in a continuous interval. It is like you marking the date in the calendar for publishing content today, and in another week or month, you will have your reminder to publish another article. 

Fetch the feedback from customers

Feedback, Last but not least. It is one of the various important things that every business must do. Getting feedback from your customers, how they like your products or services, recommend it to others(their family & friends), is there any need to change the services or products, How much will they rate your service or product. How’s the product or service quality and so on. SEO Content Strategy company Easy Services Club.

Much big organization is doing the survey, specifically spending a lot of money in the survey to get their customers feedback and improve their consumer feedback service.


I hope this strategy will work and help you. Let us know If you think there is something that I missed. Comment below, If you have some questions related to this or any Digital Marketing topic. We would be happy to help you. 😊 

About the Author:-

Vina is a passionate blogger; She began her SEO & marketing blog, TheDigiMarket. Her blog helps newbies and anyone to start their own blog and how to drive web traffic successfully. 

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