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A Greener & Cleaner Diwali 2020 Celebrations Trends You Should Follow

Here comes the festival of Diwali, and India is all glowing and gleaming up with diyas, candles, lights, and flamboyance. Every Indian strives to make an extra effort to make their Diwali preparation up to the mark. The reason people put their everything for the decoration of Diwali by illuminating their homes is to get all the festive vibes. Earlier, Diwali celebrations were confined to lighting up of the earthen lamps and a collective Diwali celebration with the family. Today, the festival of Diwali has become more of a flashy celebration, including loud crackers and flashy lights with great pomp and show. Everything that is being today to celebrate this festival contributes to environmental pollution and natural resources degradation. The quality of the air is consistently deteriorating, strays get scared, and various other long-term harmful circumstances of the environmental deteriorating Diwali celebration. Here are a few ways of celebrating the festival of light that are more cleaners. From getting eco-friendly online Diwali gifts to abandoning firecrackers, we have got you all covered. So, let’s get started towards a journey of a cleaner and greener Diwali 2020.

I can bet, no matter how beautiful the lights collection, you may be having, you won’t get any better Diwali vibes without lightening if the traditional diyas. So, why not adopt the conventional lamps, diyas, and candles. It will also help you connect better with your family by engaging in the task of lighting up candles and diyas all around the house. Also, this way of celebrating Diwali would be very economical for you as you will save a lot by cutting down the LED lights and fancy illumination. The best thing is you would be helping those families whose livelihood depends upon the sale and purchase of these traditional candles, diyas, and lamps.

  • Go Cold Turkey To Crackers:

We all have been fascinated by the idea of cracking up loud firecrackers during the festival of Diwali since our childhood, right? But it is the high time to say no to these crackers now. Bursting if the crackers in return release toxic gases and heavy metals, which is pretty harmful to the environment. Also, every year, we get the news from all corners of India about accidents, mishaps, and health issues caused by the burning of crackers. Also, stray animals are husky disturbed by the crackers and get into trauma. So, if you really want to include a firecracker in your celebrations then, you should go for eco-friendly and low sound firecrackers.

  • Choose Greener & Safer Gifts:

The tradition of exchanging gifts with our loved ones is an age-old tradition that is being followed by us. Gifts are the simplest yet very effective way of expressing our love and gratitude towards people really important for us. However, selecting gifts for our loved ones is a long and tedious work. Order online Diwali gifts in Chennai for everyone you want to make smile during the celebration of the festival of lights.

  • A Plastic-Free Diwali:

Unless you make extra efforts, you won’t be able to celebrate a greener and cleaner Diwali. For that, you have to ensure minimal use of plastic. Make sure that you avoid using any kind of plastic. From wrapping the plastic paper on the gifts to disposing of the waste in plastic bags, you have to aim for a zero plastic Diwali celebration this year. You can install go for wooden boxes for the gifts or even can use ivory sheets made of paper to wrap the gifts.

So, a green and cleaner Diwali is what every Indian should strive to celebrate. We, as responsible for India, should make the festival of lights full of love and affection. We will get zero results for a greener Diwali if we don’t make efforts for the Diwali with zero pollution. Let’s come forward and stand together and be responsible for a Diwali that will be helpful not only for the people race but for the environment as well. Do not forget to get gifts, sweets, and make in India decorative items to help to enhance the economy of India. Top-5 Ways to Make this Diwali More Memorable for your Loved Ones