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A Thrilling Must-try Desert Safari Dubai

This thrilling must-try desert safari lies in the southern region of the UAE which is not just an awe-inspiring landscape of the most exclusive beauty on earth but being a terrain for practicing enthralling activities is what makes this nomadic adventurous place one of the greatest tourist attractions of Dubai. Desert safari Dubai is known for its appealing cultural and recreational activities it entertains its guests to such a great extent that they always want to come again. Out of such activities you get a chance to explore here, the exciting thrills and expeditions offered by this terrain are just mind-blowing. Let’s discover how this thrilling must-try desert safarI Dubai is the legit ground for boundless opportunities to experience the thrill and expeditions. 

A Terrain of Thrill -Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Dune Bashing in a Dune Buggy 

If you know about a desert safari, you must be familiar with dune bashing. Which is one of the best part in the travelling for both men and women. Which is a super enthralling sand sport. A chance to cross over a high Arabian dune in a dune buggy is irresistible to fun-lovers. Enjoy an unforgettable ride in an open-air dune buggy which allows a maximum number of five people in total including the operator. It’s a good means of sand sport for families where you can click the most amazing moments in a roofless vehicle rolling over between the highs and lows of the Arabian sand dunes. 

  1. Dune Bashing in a Luxurious Vehicle

If a dune buggy is for families and squads, a hummer and a land cruiser are for pros! Although families also travel in a 4WD vehicle, these ones are mostly picked by self-drivers & madcaps. When the first gaze falls over the here & there running dune bashing vehicles over the sanded terrain, you one can’t resist getting belted in a hummer or the luxurious land cruiser and start rolling over the Arabian sand.                                                                       Beat the speedsters in dune bashing and drift in action by self-driving the hummer or taking your squad on an unforgettable adventure in a land cruiser.

  1. Thrill Seekers Seek Quad Biking 

Fulfill your dreams of living a scenic adventure but quad biking in desert safari Dubai. This enthralling fun on the golden sand of Dubai is what people long for an everlasting time. Quad bikes are the legitimate love for thrill-seekers. You don’t have to just sit belted and scream over every stimulation, but you get a chance to take a hands-on ride in a quad bike after getting a little training from a skilled professional. These vehicles are designed to withstand the roughness of a dry terrain bearing light body over broad tires. Drive a quad bike leaving not fiery but a sandy spark this time!

  1. Surf Smoothly over a Sand Board

Celebrate being on a nomad’s place with your arms wide open in the air & a turned-on vibe on the sandboard. Covet the sloppy red dunes in a full flight while locking your feet on the flat surfer. A lot of visitors, especially teenagers, love hovering in sandboards which are a means of smooth and speedy surfing in the sand with no fear of getting injured because the powdery sand bed is there to catch you. Experience the flutter of hovering without a hitch over the sandboard among the visible proximities of the Hajar mountains.

  1. Adventurous ATV Quad Biking

Fulfill your cycling dreams on a deserted land-like safari. There’s plenty of ground for you to surf the Arabian sand on a fat bike that is another means of experiencing the thrill. Fat bikes are bulky and allow smooth delivery by embedding the huge tires in sand. Navigated by the expert drivers, fat bikes are the legit vehicles that were introduced for the purpose of providing carriage in the Terrain Mountains. Discover safari’s farthest limits on a fat bike and unleash a zestful means of adventure.

  1. The Regal Ride of the Desert

Vehicles can’t make it to the core? No worries, the camel will make it! Camel riding is not an ordinary thing when you are in a desert. The utmost joyous & relatable vibe of safari is riding its royal ride. Riding a camel in a desert is a whole other jovial experience than riding at any other place. Take the fullest perks of Dubai’s ancient lifestyle that how Arabs used to transport by means of camels in a dry land. Take the coolest snaps ever while hopping over the ship of the desert and experience an epic nomadic adventure like never before. 

  1. Horse Riding 

Horse riding is what immediately clicks when we think of having an adventurous vacation at a natural destination. Luckily, desert safari Dubai had this expediency too. Tried a camel ride? Now give galloping with the horse a whirl! Horse riding is a craved adventure endeavored by adrenaline junkies. Kill the velocities while exploring the exquisite scenic landscape of the UAE when riding over horseback.

Take silhouette shots posing with the horse and make your high spirits of being on a beautiful landscape more serene and attractive.

  1. Falconry And Posing With Rare WildLife

Desert safari is not just land for surfing over with vehicles but also a great platform for explorers and wildlife enthusiasts. Travelers get to explore here a vast variety of rare wildlife and photograph the species which is a kick in itself. Falconry is an amazing fun part of being on desert safari which people take along as a souvenir of desert safari Dubai. Are you brave enough to let a wild falcon fit its sharp claws over your wrist and pose? 

The Thrilling Adventures Last With,

From cuddling in the sand after falling off a sandboard, to posing with the most unique species of marshy fauna, desert safari Dubai is a home for top-notch enthralling fun that is worth cherishing. All the sand sports and other excursions for first-timers are performed after a set of training by professionals so there is no need to worry about satisfying your craving for the thrill. Visiting Dubai without taking the madness of desert safari, is it really a Dubai visit?