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Advertising in crisis how to promote online

Advertising in crisis: how to promote online

What to do during a crisis? Most companies are now feverishly pondering this question. There are two possible ways. The first one is disappointing when a company, due to its specifics, can only work offline, and it is unrealistic for it to transfer its activities online. Such a business is now on the verge of closing. The second way is for companies that can continue their activities in the current environment and move their business online. And if the first group is already difficult to change something, then the second has every chance to withstand the crisis. This article will be a guiding star for these companies.

In our opinion, the crisis is a catalyst for change, both for people and businesses. Therefore, it is important to determine your fulcrum and adjust to current realities. In this article, we will talk about whether advertising needed in a crisis and how to promote more efficiently now, what measures need to be taken to continue the race and, if we are lucky, get ahead of the competition.

Do you need advertising in a crisis?

It is safe to say “yes”, advertising is needed if the company continues to operate, but the flow of customers has decreased. For many companies, advertising is almost the only way to attract new customers, and its suspension can be critical for the business. Of course, a lot depends on the state of the company and the niche as a whole, but you need to understand that by stopping advertising, you a priori let your competitors go ahead. Advertising is needed, but it needs to be revised and properly optimized to reduce unnecessary costs. For example, cut the budget for some promotion channels and try new ones, hold relevant promotions, and use creatives.

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Optimize your ads

Think about the promotion of which goods or services should be stopped during the crisis. Put yourself in the shoes of the client, conduct analytics, peep at your competitors – and, based on this, revise the list of services or goods for promotion. Be realistic: In times of crisis, people are not in the mood for high-value purchases. The greatest demand is for budget goods of good quality.

Work with experts

In a period of uncertainty, it is better to entrust the promotion to real pros. Because experimenting and draining advertising budgets during a crisis is an unaffordable luxury, the price is too high. To find smart contractors, check out the rankings of the top agencies. Evaluate how long the company has been on the market, whether there are case studies on your topic, customer reviews, and publications about the agency in the media.

Use all promotion channels.

There are many other ways to get ahead during a crisis. More budgetary, not as fast and efficient, but it will pay off. Work on the SEO of the site, write new articles, and adapt old content to the modern requirements of search engines. Go to the marketplace, post in directories, promote your services on forums. Use the power of sorcerers: Google. Track the company’s rating on review sites and publish in well-known media. Set a goal to make your brand recognizable and drive as much traffic to your website as possible for using geek web solution SEO services in surat.

Work on the site

The state of the site directly affects the amount of time users spend on it, as well as the reputation and number of applications. Therefore, work on usability during this difficult period: increase the speed of loading pages, modify the texts, and update the design. Crisis is a great time for those tasks that seem secondary, but in fact, also affect sales.

Do analytics

Website promotion in times of crisis requires tougher and more thorough work with analytics. Track which keywords bring the most traffic, which queries are most relevant now. Analyze site conversion, and other important metrics: time on site, bounce rate, depth of view. And, of course, keep an eye on ROI and budget allocation. Your ad should at least pay off.

The crisis is likely to pass soon, and the actions you are taking now will affect your business in the long term. We wish you to get out of this difficult situation with dignity and even stronger. And we will be happy to help you with this. Good luck!

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