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Airplay Not Working on Roku TV How to Fix it?

AirPlay not working on Roku tv is irritating. The problem is usually network or software-related and transient. I’ll show you numerous tweaks that helped me fix Roku AirPlay. You’ll soon be utilizing Roku’s AirPlay again. This article shows how to fix airplay not working on Roku tv.

Why Does Not AirPlay Work on Roku TV?

AirPlay troubles on Roku may be the result of issues with your iOS device, Roku, or internet connection. However, the majority of AirPlay difficulties are internet-related or transient and may be resolved with a restart or reset. Since AirPlay was meant to be user-friendly and require minimal configuration to function, debugging AirPlay issues is equally straightforward.

airplay not working on roku tv

How to Fix Roku AirPlay Issues?

Depending on the nature of the issue, AirPlay’s troubles on Roku might stem from a variety of causes, including network issues, transient Roku bugs, and more. Even though it may be difficult to comprehend why anything went wrong with AirPlay on Roku, there are straightforward solutions you may attempt to see if they resolve the issue.

  • Restart Your Roku. A simple restart can resolve a number of temporary difficulties, making it a useful starting point for solutions. Wait a few seconds after powering off the device before turning it back on.
  • Reboot Your Modem and Router. AirPlay is dependent on Wi-Fi, therefore if you are experiencing network access troubles, this might be the reason why AirPlay is not functioning with your Roku. Restarting your router and modem is an effective technique to repair temporary home network troubles.
  • Make sure screen mirroring is set up correctly when using AirPlay on Roku. If this was the problem, mirroring should function soon after setup.
  • Follow Apple Support’s AirPlay troubleshooting methods. Apple recommends ensuring both AirPlay devices are in range, updated, and restarted.
  • Reset your Roku. Resetting your Roku can address any variety of software issues with the Roku system itself. However, this should only perform as a last option. There is little to worry about when restarting your Roku, but you will have to choose your settings again.
  • Contact Roku support or contact Apple support. Although improbable, it is possible that you are experiencing an issue peculiar to your device. By contacting a representative from either organization, you may determine whether there is a flaw or alternative solution to your problem.


When Roku AirPlay doesn’t work, try these solutions. Restarting your Roku device via the menu or disconnecting it will get AirPlay operating. If you don’t see AirPlay after trying these instructions, your Roku may not be compatible. If so, acquire a newer Roku streaming stick.

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