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All You Need To Know About Car unlock services

All You Need To Know About Car unlock services.

Cars are a very special thing for everyone to move from one place to another with comfort. When we reached a certain place and got down from it, we generally locked that car for security issues. But we fall into trouble when we find that the lock isn’t working.

So, what to do when you have this problem. You either call a professional lock breaker or solve this by yourself. Fortunately, many companies provide car unlock services such as Slotenmaker Antwerpen. However, you need to know more about it as there are conditions and pitfalls available. Be with us.

Types of car unlock services

This can happen at any time in human life. Sometimes it involves children or pets that make it worse to car users. Also, It may happen when you are driving your car after a long time or going to your close relatives. You have parked it, and then you find that you left the keys somewhere. It occurs most of the time, and it leads to a great problem. So you have to call a locksmith here. The most common services are as follows.

  • Car key removal
  • Vehicle lockout
  • Blocked car keys
  • Fragmented or lost car keys
  • Blocked car door locks
  • Lock failure

Can a locksmith program a car key fob?

If you have a car, you might face this problem at least once in your life. However, where there is a single problem, there many solutions that exist. In this connection, we must focus on the way to solve these problems. To know the ways or tips for unlocking car services, keep reading the page.

08 Tips for fixing car unlock services

When you face the problem of unlocking it, then you will realize the importance of a spare key that has the role of an extra key. You may need it when you face the problem. If you lock your car or house or something others and leave or lose your keys, then you may feel how difficult or disturbing it is to fix that problem. How can you unlock your coach? Is it a million-dollar question now? Of course, let’s know them.

The practice of locking the door of a car varies widely. The new model cars have a system to lock the door by remote, but in old cars, the door is locked manually. Some vehicles have both of these systems. Before reading the page, you must be sure about the process of locking the door, whether it has an interior or exterior process.

1.     Use shoestring

This is amazing. I can’t believe my eyes when I first time saw this. This tool is very easy to use, but unfortunately, it works only the system that locks mechanically to the cars.

You need to tile the shoestring in a way that this gets tighten in the surrounding of the locked glass. Place the string in the interior in such a manner that the loop gets into the exterior space. Then make the loop tight and pool. If you are not a pro in this regard, you may try it more, but it surely works.

2.     Use coat hanger

This is the easiest and effective process of unlocking the vehicle. Many old people use this method. This takes more time, but it solves problems accurately. However, it saves money rather than calling a locksmith.

For applying this, you may require a wire hanger that will do untwist and fall it to the insider of the window. You have to hold the wire until you find the lock mechanism. Try to find out the exact location of the locking mechanism. You do google for finding the place and where to place the hanger. This method works in a horizontal process. Try to notice at the button to push down.

3.     Use rod or screwdriver

This is easy, but it has a high risk of damage. For doing this process, you need a Philips screwdriver, a good rod, and some times. Try to find the best alternative. It depends on your surroundings. To open the door, use your screwdriver, then strike the rod to hold on the door then press the button.

This process is risky because it may cause damage. So, while applying this process, you need to take more attention.

4.     Using a slim-Jim

You might see this in many Hollywood movies. But it is not used only there. In reality, it works. This process requires an old-style locker. You can utilize this in the same way that you use in case of a coat hanger. You must insert the slim jam to the exact locking process to press the button of the coach locking position. 5 Signs You Need a Car Key Replacement

5.     Use an expandable wedge

An inflatable wedge is like the Donnie smith that might help you to protect your car’s paint. In this method, use the screwdriver to hold on the door and press the button to pull down the car’s door.

6.     Use hoop of plastic

Donnie locksmith suggests that in the case of opening a car door, use a piece of an old plastic that might help to open the door. Bend it and put it inside the door. This process only works in the pull-up locking system and any mechanism inside it that you can get access with a rod, plastic, or others.

If you have a habit of unlocking cars, you can invest money in tools. Because you must require a good collection of tools for good repairing service or you at least invest money in collecting magnetic key holders.

7.     Use a tennis ball

Using a tennis ball is a good process of unlocking your vehicle. You can make a hold on the ball. In this connection, a screwdriver can be the best alternative. Then give pressure to the locker by the ball. Next, the ball might get trapped in the locker. This will help you to unlock your car’s door.

8.     Call security help

This is very easy. When you fall into a problem, the police will come to help you in any case. When you fall into a problem like a car door locked, call the police for assistance, they might help you.

These tips will help you to unlock your car if you face this problem.


In human life, everyone gets into a problem of vehicle unlock issue. This is very disturbing when you make locked your coach and keep the key inside of it or lost somewhere else. But you can make it unlocked again by following some tips. These are easy to apply. Next time when you face this again, just remember this or find a car unlock services provider.