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Asia Becomes Top Destination for Clipping Path Outsourcing

There is a wide range of companies outsourcing their clipping path job offshore. While some larger companies have their own in-house photo editing or graphic design team, most companies find it cost-efficient and more productive to outsource their clipping path jobs. Among all countries, this specific business process is being outsourced to, Asia becomes the top destination. Clipping Path Asia, therefore, is the most sought-after Google search term when it comes to finding clipping path outsourcing companies.

Why Outsourcing Clipping Path Jobs

It’s pretty simple and quite logical. Let’s see a real-life scenario. A graphic designer’s average salary in the united states starts from $60,000 per year with moderate experience. An expert designer with few years of experience would cost the company $80,000 + per year.

Just a straight salary is not the only cost of having an in-house employee. There is vacation benefit, sick leave, employment insurance, pension benefit, health insurance, real estate cost for employee workstation, employee parking, and more to add on.

All costs combined; it gets pretty expensive to hire a graphic designer. Companies that have a large volume of image editing or clipping path editing need will sometimes need 20, 40, or even 100+ employees in some cases to perform the editing job. It just makes valid business sense to outsource the clipping path job offshore to make the entire process more efficient and less expensive.

Why Outsourcing to Asia

Asia has a lot of talented IT professionals. The cost of outsourcing depends on which country you are outsourcing to. The cost usually depends on the standard of living in the specific county and per capita income there.

The cost of clipping path outsourcing will not be the same in all Asian countries. For example, outsourcing to India, Bangladesh, Thailand, or the Philippines will not cost the same even though they are all Asian countries. But one thing is sure that all these countries have skilled clipping path professionals to outsource your job. Among all Asian countries, Bangladesh has the most skilled clipping path professionals at the least cost. This is why Bangladesh is currently leading in clipping path outsourcing worldwide.

How much It Cost to Outsource Clipping Path to Asia

No two jobs are alike. Cost depends on the complexity of the job and where it is being outsourced. Let’s say Bangladesh, for example. A simple clipping path job purchased in bulk would cost somewhere around USD$ 0.75 – $3.00. Bulk pricing is the best option for companies with a large volume of clipping jobs that need to be done regularly. The cost, therefore, depends on what the quantity is and how frequently the job is needed.

A company needing 200 or more clipping per day, five days a week, will get the best pricing where an individual needs one or two files clipping will pay the full price. It’s best to talk to at least 2 – 3 outsourcing companies before making a selection.

For more information on outsourcing your clipping path job to Asia, visit Joolo Media (www.joolo.com).