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attune insurance – Insurance is as easy as it should be.

Attune insurance – We make small company insurance easy, for everyone.

Attune insurance. Running a small company is hard. Gaining insurance for your small company is even more challenging. It takes permanently, the process is antiquated, including one wrong decision can be disastrous. At Attune, we’re growing small business insurance in a big step.
Backed by Two Sigma, AIG, & Hamilton Insurance Group, we have the power and partners to produce a significant impact. Unlike different start-ups, Attune has the expertise, funding, and help to modernize and move fast. Disrupting a business through data, technology, and speed isn’t comfortable – but the challenges we’ll take together are some of the usual rewarding you’ll experience in your career.

We’re a team of unusual, intelligent people with diverse backgrounds also perspectives who are passionate about creating positive change, and we strive to build a work environment to be proud. With a healthy work/life balance, remote options, impossible (and inexpensive) health benefits, generous PTO, equity, and more extra. Our purpose is always to keep getting better- we have been on many ‘best places to work’ lists,, and our News Spotify page speaks for itself.

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