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Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled: How to Fix?

I need to pay a Portuguese Law Firm but get a notice saying “Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled Because This Form Doesn’t Use a Secure Connection.” How do I remove it?

Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled: How to Fix?

This form does not use a secure connection, so you can’t have it automatically fill in your credit card information. You can go to settings in Chrome by using the menu or the URL chrome:/settings/. Right at the top, it should say that your account is being synced. In the Chrome menu, click Settings. You’ll need this attribute’s “off” value. In the address bar, type chrome:/flags/. When you use a saved payment method on a form, the nickname shows up. Click Add or Edit next to a card you already have next to Payment Methods. Remove the saved credit card from Google Chrome. So, you can change the information Chrome autofill and keep your credit card information safe by using the above method. This option lets your Google Chrome browser save your phone number and shipping address, which it can then use to fill out forms automatically.

automatic credit card filling is disabled

To turn off autocomplete for the whole form, add autocomplete=off to the element.

</p> You can also type chrome:/settings/ into the Omnibox to get there quickly. Move the switch to the off position to turn off the autofill settings option. Keep scrolling down until you see forms and passwords. Go to settings and look for the section that says “autofill.”

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