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Best Free Video Maker Sites Online

Online video makers are super easy to use, and you do not have to set up any rich environment to make them run. It is why, in its post, we will talk about the top free video maker sites online that can make your video creating and editing project very simple.

Most of the following video makers are rich in features and super easy to handle and learn. You will have a simple interface that leads you to edit, trim, join and cut your movies without spending time in the long learning curve. Today, online video makers can add even special effects and many other features and functions.


The company made a free movie online maker to handle the best videos in a short delta time. The app can help you create explainer videos, infographics functions, video ads, and animations too. It has more than 3 million active users around the world.

Top Biteable features

  • The online filmmaker is super-fast
  • It offers an outstanding possibility to browse the live actions, phots scenes, and animations too.
  • You can drag and drop to the timeline and start your editing.
  • You can directly share your project with the different social media.


Animoto is an easy popular tool for your video editing. You can utilize it to combine text, images, music in any video. You can even develop a new video from scratch.

Today, people are using it to create a very unique and magnificent presentation for their business, family occasion, and even for school projects too. The tool is free if you will not make more than a 30-second movie. On the other hand, you have to pay 30 USD per year.

Top Features of Animoto

  • You will have an AI analysis for combining the best effect, songs, and transactions for your movies.
  • Simple interface
  • You can create videos from scratch
  • You have a complete photo editing app for your cropping, rotating, flipping, etc…
  • You have the full flexibility to control the pace of the video.


Moovly is a great web-based tool for your video editing work. You will have in hand a much-optimized interface to edit your video without spending time learning how. You can start making your videos in simple steps.

You will be able to animate sequence, make whiteboard animation videos. In addition to that, you can even trip, edit, and crop, rotate your photo and inject them in your videos. It is all that can be done by drag and drop in your video timeline.

Top Moovly features

  • You can easily combine your media objects with additional libraries and your media too.
  • You can synchronize and animate your objects by simple clicks.
  • Easy to export your project to your local drive or share it via social media network easily
  • You can choose different ranges of your video quality.

Adobe Spark

The giant Adobe handles the best-premade content for your next projects. In other words, it has a unique hub video creator for you. Moreover, you can have a social media for your post, photo collage for your professional profiles like linked in.

It has a template for each project you want to develop using the online film creator. It saves you a big amount of time, and you can see results in zero time.

Adobe spark top advantages

  • The Adobe spark save your work automatically
  • Pre-built template for your editing works
  • Easy to use
  • A super optimized interface


This is a real treasure in the field of online filmmakers. You will gain a lot of time, money, and energy. This is due to the simple mechanism for editing your videos using Placeit.

You can do it for free and export your project to any place you want. Another advantage is that the company has skilled customer service for you.

Top Placeit features

  • You can start using it without learning anything
  • Very steady customer service
  • Super-fast and does not lag


This online web-based video maker is covering all the features that you need for creating your video. You have a lot of animation and special effects functions that can make your videos look professional in the future.

You can drag and drop your objects a start coming them. Clideo can provide a smooth harmony in the combination of your pictures videos.

Clideo Top features

  • You can edit and create your videos even if you have a low performant pc
  • High quality of user experience
  • You can share your work directly with social media platforms too.

In the end, we can confirm for you that the previous online video makers are among the top in the market. You can choose one from the set according to your interests and preferences too. Each online filmmaker has its charm and uniqueness.

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