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Here’s How to Cancel Subscriptions on Roku?

There are a number of Roku channels that may be accessed without cost, however, if you use your Roku device to subscribe to a paid channel, at some point in the future, you may wish to terminate that subscription. You can access this setting via the account page of the Roku website or through the Roku media player that you have. This article will lead you through the process of Cancel Subscriptions on Roku devices so that you no longer need to pay for them.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Roku?

Cancelling a subscription to a streaming channel that you purchased through your Roku can be done either through the Roku player itself or through the Roku website.

Cancel Subscriptions on Roku

Using Roku:

  • Using your Roku remote, choose the channel you wish to cancel and push asterisk. Pop-up window should appear.
  • Click Manage subscription.
  • On Manage subscription, pick Cancel subscription and confirm.

If you don’t see Manage subscriptions, you’ve subscribed through another provider (or the channel is free).

Using Mobile/web:

  • Open Roku’s website and sign in if you’re not already.
  • Click the avatar symbol in the top-right corner and My account.
  • Click Manage subscriptions.
  • View your Roku channels. To cancel channels, click Cancel subscription.

Finding Paid Subscriptions on Roku

If you can’t cancel a channel through your Roku device, you may have signed up elsewhere, through the channel’s official provider or the Roku website. How to cancel:

  • Select the account icon or Sign In button on Roku’s website.
  • Submit your login info.
  • Manage subscriptions on your account page.
  • The subscriptions page lists your current (and cancelled) channels. Select Cancel subscription next to the desired channel.

Why Does Roku Charge Monthly?

A Roku account and subscription are free. Roku is free. If you observe recurrent charges on your credit card statement, you have a paid subscription (or someone with access to your Roku player has signed up for a channel). Check your account page on a computer or mobile device to discover what subscriptions you’re paying for (see the previous section for instructions on how to do this). The Roku website displays a list of current and expired subscriptions.

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