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Charged twice spotify

Once per month, we will charge you for each premium plan.

If you see more than one payment from Spotify in the same month, there are a few things you should investigate further.

 Charged twice spotify

 spotify Changed plans?

When you switch to a different plan, such as Premium Duo, your first payment for the new plan will be processed a few days earlier than usual. This is done to compensate for the higher monthly fee associated with the new plan. After that, you will only have to make one payment per month, and it will be due on (or very close to) the same day as the initial payment. spotify

 spotify Is there a hold on the charge?

Check your bank statement to see what the current status of the payments is.

If the payment status says “pending” or “processing,” this means that a temporary authorization charge has been made by your payment provider.

In the event that a recurring payment is declined, we will attempt to collect it at a later time. On your bank statement, you might see both the payment that was unsuccessful and the payment that was successful. However, only one of them spotify was actually processed.

 Charged twice spotify

 spotify Do you currently maintain more than one account?

It’s possible that you signed up for Premium on a second account without meaning to.

Make an attempt to log in using any of the information that you might have used to create an account.

You can join using a variety of different methods, such as your email address, your phone number, Facebook, Apple, or Google. To locate your account, you can try logging in with these credentials. spotify

Also, make sure no one in your immediate family or circle of friends has used the payment information you provided. If they have already done so, they are obligated to either change or cancel their payment method and pay you a refund.

 Charged twice spotify

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