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Comic Book Resources, as well known by the acronym (CBR), is the website committed to the coverage of comic book-related news also discussion.

Type of site Available in Headquarters Owner Created by Website Launched Current status
Comic book English Saint-Laurent, Quebec Valnet Inc. Jonah Weiland 1995 (1995) Online

History of CBR

Jonah Weiland established Comic Book Resources (CBR) in 1995 as a development of the United Kingdom Come Message Board, the message forum that Weiland made to discuss DC Comics‘s then-new mini-series of the same name

CBR article columns written by industry professionals that have involved Robert Kirkman, Gail Simone, also Mark Millar. Other article columns were printed by comic book historians & critics such as George Khoury & Timothy Callahan.

On April 4, 2016, Jonah Weiland notified that Comic Book Resources (CBR) had sold to Valnet Inc. This agency is known for its acquisition & ownership of other media properties, such as Screen Rant. The website was again launched as on August 23, 2016, with the blogs joined into the area.

The agency has also been hosted a YouTube channel since 2008, with 1.3+ million subscribers as of September 12, 2018

Comic Book Idol (CBI):

Comic Book Idol, as well known as CBI, is an amateur comic book art competition made & hosted by comics writer J. Torres also sponsored by CB Resources. Its engaging advertisers. Influenced by the singing contest American Idol, Comic Book Idol (CBI) is a five-week & five-round competition in which each one contestant is given seven days to draw a script share by guest judges. These asked comic book professionals to remark on the artists’ work in each one round. The contestants go on to subsequent rounds chose by fans who vote in a weekly poll.

  1. Patrick Scherberger won CBI1 & has since worked on several Marvel Comics titles like Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Hulk.
  2. Jonathan Hickman was the runner-up in CBI1 & went on to work for Virgin Comics, Image Comics (Pax RomanaA Red Mass for MarsTranshuman), also Marvel Comics (Fantastic 4Astonishing Tales)
  3. Carlos Rodríguez won CBI2 & go on to work on Shadowhawk for Image to Batman and the Outsiders for DC Comics.
  4. Billy Penn as well competed in CBI2 and went on to work on Savage Dragon.
  5. Joe Infurnari, another CBI2 contestant, go on a pair of titles from Oni Press, as well as WastelandBorrowed Time, including on the back-up feature of Jersey Gods with Mark Waid.
  6. Dan McDaid, writer, & artist on different Doctor Who comics for Panini and IDW &
  7. as well as strips for DC Comics, Jersey Gods for Image Comics, competed, is givenI3
  8. Nick Pitarra play in CBI3 & went on to do work for Marvel Comics in books such as Astonishing Tales.
  9. Charles Paul Wilson III, artist in The Stuff of Legend, competed in CBI3.


The University at Buffalo’s analysis library described Comic Book Resources (CBR) as “the premiere comics-related website.

In April 2013, comics writer Mark Millar spoke he read the website every morning after reading the Financial Times

Awards – CBR:

  • 1999: Won the “Favourite Comics-Related site (professional)” Eagle Award.
  • 2000: Won the “Favourite Comics-Related site (professional)” Eagle Award.
  • 2001: Won the “Favourite Comics-Related site (professional)” Eagle Award.
  • 2004: Nominated for the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2005: Nominated for the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2006: Nominated for the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2007: Nominated for the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2008: Nominated for the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2009: Won the “Top Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism” Eisner Award.
  • 2010: Won the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2011: Won the “Favourite Comics-Related site” Eagle Award.
  • 2011: Won the “Great Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism” Eisner Award
  • 2013: Won the “Great Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation” Harvey Award for its Robot 6 blog.
  • 2014: Won the “Good Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism” Eisner Award.

Controversy – (CBR)

n 2014, the website found itself at the center of a discussion around the harassment of women trying to engage in the online comics Group. The discussion was sparked by the Group community’s reactions to an article by guest author Janelle Asselin, which criticized the cover of DC Comics’s Teen Titans. Following harassment & personal threats in the case of Asselin, Jonah Weiland issued a declaration where he apologized for the incident, condemning the way that some Group community members had act & rebooted the forums community to establish new ground rules.


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