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How Do I Permanently Delete My Chegg Account?

Chegg accounts Chegg is the US education platform.  If you decide to delete your Chegg account permanently, it will provide a more outstanding education to others who do not use Chegg.

But you don’t know How to delete Chegg permanently. So what are you looking for?

Follow the instructions below to delete your account.

delete chegg account permanently

Education is now the best platform around the globe. Everyone wants to get a career in a promising sector, whether public or private. But, unfortunately, good jobs are hard to come by now. That’s why many people choose supplementary programs like online and offline coaching to learn more. Keep up with the 21st-century generation. Most people pick an online platform for education but for some reason or after completing online courses. Therefore, you wish to close your account.

How Do I Permanently Delete My Chegg Account?

Login to your account and evaluate your active subscriptions. You may see the current and upcoming payments every month. Then, scroll down and select “Cancel Subscription for future months.”

Eliminate Delete Chegg Account Permanently With These Tips

  1. Check for any pending transactions. Delete your account if you have any pending transactions. You won’t get the money.
  2. Before deactivating your account, cancel any ongoing plans.

How to permanently delete Chegg Account?
The account can delete in two ways. First using Gmail and then online.

How to Delete the Chegg Account Permanently Using Gmail

  • Login to your Chegg Gmail account.

1: Using the same Gmail

  • Then write an email to “[email protected]”.
  • On Gmail, write “Requesting to remove my account” in the topic.
  • After that, send them a request to delete your account. You have a Chegg account through Gmail.

This is how to remove your Chegg account using Gmail permanently.

How to Permanently Delete Your Chegg Account Using the Web Page

  • Type Chegg account into a web page.
  • Go to the Chegg website and click it.
  • Now, pick the menu bar on the Chegg account main page.
  • Click on the menu bar to explore more options and sign in. Gmail and password

You may also sign in with Facebook, Google,and Apple.

Note: If you forget your password or can’t log in, don’t worry. You may sign in with Facebook, Google, and Apple. But keep the Gmail (it means your Chegg account Gmail by using this Gmail you can log in with google Facebook.)

Use the Same Gmail for Google, Facebook, and Apple.

  • Check if you have any pending transactions for books or studies before canceling your Chegg account.
  • Cancel all active plans before canceling your Chegg account.
  • To delete your Chegg account, contact them.

Using the online page, you can permanently remove your Chegg account.

Asking questions can help you get answers. They offer many services. If you have any questions, you can contact them directly. Alternatively, you can talk with them live. For example, to resolve personal Chegg account concerns.

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