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Difference between lock rekeying and changing locks

Difference between lock rekeying and changing locks

You might need to consider adjusting the house’s security system when you move into a new home or new location. And if you do not modify the security system, the house’s previous owner will still have access to the building.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever lost your house key, you’ll also need to consider adjusting your security system. You can have change previous locks if you want to improve the security system. But which one should we do rekeying or change?

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between lock rekeying and replacing locks.

Lock rekeying vs. changing locks

If you’re wondering what the difference is between lock rekeying and lock change, read the post. The exact description of the lock rekeying is to repair the lock without altering the previous lock mechanism.

You don’t have to uninstall the whole lock system to rekey a lock. What you need to do is change the internal mechanism and set up a new key to match the new internal device.

When you hire a professional to rekey the lock system, he will change the internal arrangement of a lock. The lock will be the same as before, but you will have a new key to open the lock. After re-keying a lock, the previous owner of the house won’t be able to access the locks because the key won’t fit the new internal system.

On the other hand, the exact meaning of changing locks means changing the whole lock system by replacing the previous lock system. Adapting a new lock is more expensive than rekeying a lock.

When you consider changing a new lock, you can also choose a better security system. To change a lock, you have to hire a professional. A professional will unscrew the previous locking system and reinstall the new lock system. If you don’t want to put the previous lock, you can replace it with a new one.

Most people consider rekeying a lock than changing locks because rekeying is less expensive than replacing. But remember, if you don’t want to use the previous mechanism of a lock, you must consider changing a new lock.

When should you rekey a new lock?

Now that you understand when to rekey a new lock. Consider the following facts whether you should rekey a new lock or not.

  • If you have misplaced your key and there’s no other way to get into your house
  • You’ll have to rekey the lock when you move to a new home or location. And there might be someone else who will have the key.
  • Whether you’re living apart from your spouse or have just separated
  • When you accidentally give your house key to someone, you’ll need to rekey a lock.

Rekeying a lock system is a perfect way to keep your home or apartment safe.

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When should you change a lock?

Consider the factors below whether or not you should change a lock.

  • You have to change your lock if your house has recently gone through a break-in.
  • When your previous lock is broken and can not be used
  • If the previous lock system doesn’t satisfy you
  • If you want a better locking system to improve your home security, you should change your lock.

You’re going to change a lock, or you’re going to rekey a lock, it’s entirely up to you. But you don’t need to change your lock if you’re able to protect your home or apartment protection by rekeying.

Rekeying a lock system will save a considerable sum of money, too. When you can’t decide whether to rekey or change your lock, you should employ a specialist (Ex. Vitrier Charleroi). He’s going to be able to make you choose and give you the right option.


Deciding whether rekey a lock or change a lock is not easy. Most house owners prefer to rekey a lock because rekeying a lock is much affordable than changing a lock. But if you want to improve your security system, you must consider changing locks.

In this article, I have already discussed the difference between lock rekeying and changing a lock. I hope the above information will be helpful.