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DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you are a homeowner, then you know the importance of keeping your property at a high value. Projects in a home never really end, as one needs to continually upgrade the design, décor, furnishing, and other things in a building to improve its efficiency.

As a homeowner, on one of those weekends when you feel very energetic and handy, there are some DIY projects you could undertake in your building that could prove very useful in the future. You would be surprised how inded difference a little improvement can make in a building. What’s more, most of these projects are very affordable and require minimal effort.

Most people love their property to be a reflection of their personality and style. If you are not quite satisfied with the general outlook of your property, you can certainly do something about it. A lot of cash can be spent on some projects which would not add extra value to a property, while a cheap touch in the right direction can improve your property value. We have assembled a list of some home improvement projects that you could do on your own when you have some spare time on your hands. These projects will not only give your property, a new, refreshing look, but will also significantly increase the value of your property.

  1. Enlarge the storage space:

Usually, kitchen remodels will do little or nothing for the value of a home. However, good storage space in the kitchen will be valuable. You will never have to worry about storage spaces in these apartments for rent in Jersey City, NJ. Everyone enjoys quality space in every room, and the kitchen is one room that could use good spacing. Unused corners in your kitchen can be properly utilised to store dishes, ingredients, foodstuff and cooking utensils. This does not necessarily require your kitchen to be large; it is all about having a good design mindset and taking advantage of empty spaces. You can make plain shelves look more expensive by adding a little extra decoration or painting it. Adding a wine rack will certainly show some personality.

  1. Paint the front door:

Basically, the front door is the first thing that is seen by an incoming individual, and the last thing seen by an outgoing individual. House-related cases are one of the cases where a book can get judged by its cover. If you have a shabby-looking, worn-out front door, then it’s time to reconsider. Ensuring that the front door is in good condition will automatically improve the value of the home. This will only take a few buckets of good paint, a few hours, and a little skill. You can simply tape the windows around to prevent the spread of paint, clean out the door, and then use a suitable color and a hand brush to start working.

  1. Add décor to the backyard

A simple addition of a little this and that, here and there around the backyard can turn your plain home into a million-dollar-looking home. For instance, you can add a deck, some grilling tools, and seats. Get quality seats in suitable colors and find a great space for them in the backyard. To create it even better, you can create a path to the seating area by using marble or gravel around the area.

Plumbing Improvement Projects

  1. Ensure that the washing machine is functional

During certain seasons, there is an inevitable increase in laundry operations. For instance, in the summer, there is a lot of cooking, picnics, parties, swimming, and other great activities which take place, leading to the piling of clothes. All of that laundry takes a toll on the washing machine, and it might break down. You can prevent this by taking some steps;

  • Call a professional to fix the slightest issue
  • Keep the washing machine away from the wall to prevent the hose from kinking.
  • Do your laundry in batches to give the machine a break.


  1. Fix the Garbage disposal

With summer comes a lot of eating and drinking and if one is not careful, your drains can get blocked. A blocked drain will certainly not speak positively about your home value, so you should do your best to prevent it. Here are some tips;

  • Avoid throwing the bony and fibrous parts of food down the drain.
  • When the blockage occurs, fix it immediately by taking the few, simple steps;
  • Unplug the drain unit
  • manually turn the blades with a wrench

if you plug it back in and turn it on, the drain should now be free. If the blockage is still present, get professional help.

  1. Avoid blocked toilets

Some things are inevitable, and if a toilet blockage occurs, you can do this;

  • Scoop out excessive water from the toilet bowl
  • Use a plunger down the drain hole, and the water pressure created should remove the blockage.
  • Push an auger (a long wire which has a corkscrew tip) into the pipe and at the same time, turn it clockwise. This will either clear the blockage or attach the material causing the block to the tip of the auger.

If the blockage persists after these steps, then you might need professional help.

Electrical Improvement

Before any electrical improvement is done, ensure that you take the necessary precaution by turning off the mains switch. For these improvements, you should at least have some experience in the electrical sector, as wrong connections can be disastrous. If you have no experience whatsoever, you should get your local electrician in London to give the directions.

  1. Replace electrical outlets

If you have old, un-matching electrical outlets in your home, then you might consider changing them. If you have made improvements to a room by changing the colour or other decorations, then the old outlet will immediately stand out, looking odd and ill-fitting. You can make changes to the covers of the outlets by buying new ones and replacing them.

  1. Swap old lighting fixtures for new ones

A good lighting fixture in the right corner of the home will instantly exude a cozy aura in the home. Strategic placement of fixtures like on the stairs, closet, pantry, and other corners can give your home a different, expensive look.

  1. Automate the home

In this age, most people prefer to have technology working in their favor. Little automation projects like temperature control, lighting, blinds, and switch control will make the home more comfortable, automatically increasing its value.

HVAC Improvement Projects

Convenience is pertinent in a home, and a good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will certainly improve convenience in a home.  Some steps you can take to provide this include;

  1. Replacing Windows

Leaking windows can be an extreme inconvenience. From allowing the escape of cool air during summer to allowing the entrance of unwanted cool air during winter, the strain on the heating and cooling systems soon begin to take a toll. A functional window will prevent all these.

  1. Changing Air Filters

This is a popular DIY scheme. All the dirt & dust trapped in the filter can reduce the flow of air if improperly dealt with. It is a best idea to change the filters regularly.

  1. Get a tune-up plan

Get a capable company to handle your tune-up once in a while. This is a cheap but effective procedure, as it increases the lifespan of your HVAC, automatically raising your home value.

If you feel like a DIY project is too much for you to handle, you can always call our recommended electricians in London on 020 71834006 to assist you.