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Do prosecutors want to go to trials

Do prosecutors want to go to trials?

When any one is charged with a criminal offense, it gets complicated at every step. Justice is always served, but through the journey of serving justice, there is so much to tackle. Sometimes pleading guilty could ruin an innocent’s life. On the other hand, it saves thousands of dollars and time.

But if you go for trial, the defendant’s lawyer sometimes to gather important evidence. Either in the courtroom, there are so many happenings. Sometimes the prosecutor doesn’t want to go to trial for that. You will be discussing the question ‘Do prosecutors want to go to trials?’ below-

Do prosecutors want to go to trials?

Sometimes the prosecutors refuse to go to the trial section if the case is open and shut or the courtroom and jail are over-populated. In this run, sometimes the innocent get convicted. That is when a good criminal lawyer is needed who will try to take the case to a jury board to reconsider the verdict.

There are some reasons why the prosecutors don’t want to go to trial:

1.     Crowded jail and courtroom

When a task force finishes their paperwork and passes the case for the hearing, the court should clear the cases as soon as possible. Let us accept the fact that crime in our city is always rising upward. For that, the prosecutor makes to handle hundreds of cases every day.

Sometimes they are not even ready and have prepared for every single case. So to save time and unload the diabolical pressure of cases, the prosecutor always sides with pleading guilty without going to a trial.

2.     Prosecutors tight schedule

As discussed, a public prosecutor does not earn from a private law firm. They have a fixed salary and loads of case burden on their shoulder every day. So to clear a case, as their salary doesn’t depend on it. They sometimes try to hurry to end a case. Notably, a lawyer working for a long time or non-passionate lawyer’s do this kind of work. In this quick ending session and for their inconsideration, sometimes the innocents go to jail or pay fines.

3.     Open and shut cases

When a lawyer understands this is a proven crime by judging the evidence, and there is no way it would get any further twists. They argue about not going to trial to save time, money, and governmental resources. But criminal trials are full of surprises and who knows what will happen in the future. Sometimes, for their over-confidence, the truth gets distorted.

4.     Protecting informants

Sometimes, the public prosecutors have different kinds of burdens which are protecting the informants and witnesses. If the case gets more attention and as a trial room is open for public, sometimes, the government’s undercover informants or witnesses can get exposed, and their lives could be in danger.

Eventually, the guilty could hunt them down for exposing or witnessing in their cases. So, to save the privacy as promised, the prosecutors try to clear the case and close it as soon as possible.

5.     For avoiding media attention

Getting media attention is like to edged knife. For public demand, the guilty get punishment sooner. But on the bad side, the prosecutors and judge get into a lot of trouble for managing the case hurriedly.

Moreover, the public and media are not always right. So, if any case grabs media attention, it can get nasty on the inside and creates pressure on them. That is why they try to avoid grabbing media attention.

6.     Drug cases

Some drug cases are not that important, and a warning could solve all the problems. But unfortunately, the criminal got transferred into court and having a specific time wasted. And also, it could ruin the whole of the life of the pleaded.

For example, a bunch of young people are caught at a party with a small stash of marijuana. Going to jail can ruin their student and career life forever.  So, to clear the courtroom and save the defendant (especially for the young and unprofessional people), they close the case with fining them a little amount and a few weeks of community service.

7.     Obtaining credit

A young prosecutor or some attention-seeking hunk may try to weigh their resume with solved and ‘pleaded guilty’ cases. Sometimes, grabbing media attention and proving themselves hero, a popular case can be used as a publicity stunt.

This is so ignorant and cheap, could ruin lives, and let free some clever professional criminals. But this some fewer cases and for good prosecutors, justice is the primary attention to them.

Final Thoughts

We have answered ‘do prosecutors want to go to trials,’ and yes, they often try to close the cases without further dragging to make room for the serious cases. But not always; it is known that in plea bargaining, if the criminal is present at the hearing and takes the punishment, his punishment could get lesser.

Sometimes, the act of the criminal is so heinous that they don’t deserve to get light verdicts. So, if the prosecutors consider these matters, he may apply to go this case to the jury to whom, if it is proved, they get strict punishment. So, not always prosecutors work for only closing cases but also try to serve justice properly.

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