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Evening Desert Safari With Ultra Thrill & Entertainment

Thinking of opting for an evening desert safari? Well, a great pick, though! An evening expedition is best to visit the dunes as you witness them at their best of the unbelievably legit phantom. The activities in an evening desert safari are different from other expeditions because you take pleasure out of them during the sunset on the flaming red dunes.

Dubai has conserved its heritage of golden sand a couple of minute’s drive from the city side. A 4WD takes you away from the Gulf to the breath-taking ocean of Arabian sand, where your ultra thrilling journey begins from the late afternoon hours. Read on to explore what sort of adrenaline-stimulating thrills and excursions a classic evening desert safari Dubai offers.

The Best Excursions in an Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Dune Bashing in a Land Cruiser

Dune bashing seated in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser is the favorite SUV adventure of tourists worldwide. Almost all the desert safari Dubai expedition teams offer dune bashing in their tour packages because it is the ultimate goal of coming to the region of golden Arabian dunes for many.

Not only first-timers but locals also enjoy bashing insanely like a roller coaster in a dune SUV. Hummer is an air-condition dune bashing vehicle that is different from a buggy. Its giant tires facilitate good delivery while submerging in the sand as well as cross high dunes smoothly. It’s a safe SUV for families. Summit the peak of thrill while screaming out of excitement in a hummer!

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ATV and Fat Biking

Live what you’ve always dreamed of! A quad biking experience is super enthralling for thrill lovers—a quad bike in another SUV designed specifically to surf the grainy surface of the sand with smooth delivery. However, you’ll have to cover the hurdles of bumpy dunes, but that is what high-spirited people deal with! ATV bikes can be driven under the instructions and supervision of an expert. A quad bike that drives over the crests and troughs of the dunes is the second most availed sand sport by the visitors after dune bashing. 

Desert safari keeps fat bikes as well for bicycle lovers. These terrain mountaineering vehicles have super grippy fat tires that surf rough surfaces efficiently. Put on your helmet, apply your sunscreen, and grab a fat bike to explore the terrain like city roadies!

Griping Feet on a Sandboard

Surf the swirling sand and feel light in the air while your feet are stuck to the sandboard. Sandboarding on terrain is a totally different experience from water and ice skiing. Sandboarding is a tempting activity to do on the terrain, especially for kids and teenagers. The people eager for an exciting excursion at desert safari would balance the hoverboard on the ups and downs of the dunes. It will leave you cuddling in the sand with relentless laughter. 

A Crazy Dune Buggy Drive

Enjoy dune bashing at its level best with your squad. Dune buggies are roofless buggies (not necessarily) hopping over the terrain. Have the best views ever throw a dune buggy while wandering in the barren in early evenings. A dune buggy ride reminds you of the vintage SUVs that not only maneuver thrill but also get adored for their outer structure. The explorers enjoy a dune buggy ride more than a closed air-conditioned land cruiser because it carries a vintage vibe complementing the Arabian terrain.

Riding the Regal Means of Transport

Create memories that you’ll long for. A camel ride is best to entertain kids, whereas horse riding is for adventure freaks. Observe the widespread sand of Dubai and wonder how nomads used to travel using camels and horses. A camel ride is a great souvenir you can gift yourself because it will create an epic story of relish. A horse’s gallop and a camel’s hump, the two regal rides are the immediate means of carrying an utter nomad’s vibe of ancient times. Take loads of cool snaps in the hot terrain over camel’s hump and create an epic wanderer’s story!

Falconry & Discovery of Rare Wildlife

Another adrenaline-pumping activity for thrill lovers is falconry. Although you don’t have to surf the terrain here, it’s no less stunning than other adventurous activities at desert safari Dubai. Falconry is an ancient Arabian tradition that used to hunt their prey by training falcons. Watch falcon luring and sweeping in the sand and get astonished. Take a classic photograph holding falcons of the desert to feel standing in the middle of a heritage land.

Not just falcons, the travel enthusiasts would love discovering rare and wild species of terrestrials and birds at desert safari Dubai.  Find oryx, gazelles, wild foxes, hyena, deadly eagle, and much other fauna spread on this precious marshy landmark. Seeking the wildlife and capturing it is not an ordinary thing to do.

The Stunning Fireshow

The ultra thrilling experience at desert safari Dubai is not just limited to the sand and daylight. You’ll feel a rush when the firemen on the stage light up the desert with their astonishing stunts with fire. The artists are professional fire players who entertain the visitors of the desert every evening and night in the enthralling fire show at the campsite. Get stunned with their fierce performance after spending the whole day on adventures.


The surreal evenings of desert safari Dubai are known for their spellbound views of the drowning sun in the reddening sand sea. Whereas, an expedition approaching the evening desert safari Dubai leaves in the highest of delight, as the tourists enjoy the best possible thrills with shots of entertainment at a peak. 

Beginning from the late afternoon excursions to the mesmerizing sunset, a classic evening desert safari ends with a delicious buffet and live entertainment shows at the campsite. An evening tour to desert safari Dubai is a wise decision if you don’t want to drop a little thrill, entertainment, and sightseeing.