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Google AdSense and its impact on society

Google Adsense is a program that goes by Google, where website publishers within the Google Network of content sales serve videos, images, or interactive media advertisements targeted to the site audience and content. Google retains the sole role of sorting, maintaining, and administering the advertisements. Google Adsense helps to crease revenue by either per-impression or per-click basis. Google often serves advertisements on websites based on the geographical location of the user and the website content, among other factors. The aim is to ensure that the right people targeted by the ad get to see it. Therefore, it improves upon the ability of companies using its services to benefit immensely, owing to the level of specificity, which is attained in terms of the extent to which the ads reach. This article aims to provide a brief history of Google’s AdSense program along with its impact on various entities as analyzed by Help in Homework’s Essay Writing Services

Foundation, Evolution, and Ownership

Google owns the AdSense technology. It deployed it in 2003. At the time, it was referre to as content targeting advertising. Right after Google acquired Applied Semantics in 2003, it changed the name of the technology to AdSense. In 2009, Google added more features to AdSense. The feature would enable more networks to display their ads on its platform. Google’s AdSense program has now become quite popular in bloggers for its attractive revenue-generating capabilities.

Why Marketers Would be Likely to use the Digital Technologies

Marketers would be likely to use the AdSense technology to increase upon the number of people who view their advertisements and attain increased sales. The process will be essential in boosting the quality of outcomes attained in terms of sales made.

Demographic of Users of AdSense

A large proportion of AdSense users are young people who constantly access the internet to read various articles. Therefore, they are likely to access the ads more. 

When Marketers Would be more likely to deploy the technique

Marketers would be more willing to deploy this technique where the products they are promoting are tandem with the different websites they visit. For instance, marketers wishing to promote restaurants and hotels would be interested in using AdSense as the advertisements would be placed on sites that review hotel facilities. There is a high chance that a large number of people will get to see the advertisements throughout the process. It will also increase upon the ability of people viewing such ads and seek to try out the products or services being marketed. 

User Data Gathered by the Platform

The platform gathers data regarding the number of people who have viewed the ad. As a result, it is likely to estimate the sales, which might be obtained from marketing through the platform. 

Criticism/Controversy Surrounding Data Gathering on this Platform

It would be problematic to establish the number of people who viewed the ad, as some might either be muted or appear in the background. Therefore, it is difficult for users to see them. Thus, companies advertising using the medium are likely to lose money as, although a certain number of people might access sights where their ads have been placed on, they might fail to see them. The situation would, therefore, mean that these companies would not have the views translated into sales.

Impact of the Technique on the Society

The technique has had a positive effect on society as it has improved the ability of various businesses to market their product. It has, therefore, contributed positively to boost the level of activity experienced in society. 

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