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Guide to Improving performance in the most difficult parts of PTE


Just the pressure of being tested can make an exam difficult. Talking of PTE, learning a new language, and then proving your proficiency in it can be a challenging task altogether. But several tips have proved to be helpful when it comes to performing in the PTE Academic. 

Difficult sections/parts of the PTE Test

Reading and Writing Section

After reading several PTE Test scores and analyzing them, it has been noticed that the Reading and the Writing Section is the most difficult part of PTE. And there is a specific reason for it. The reading part in the Reading and Writing section and the Fill in the Blanks items require the knowledge of collocations. The collocation part requires a lot of practice and can be enhanced if one lives in an environment where English is spoken commonly. This is often the difficult part.

Since Reading and writing are combined in one section, the ripple effect can also be felt in the writing section. This does both Reading and writing a difficult part of the test.

Other than the Reading and Writing section in the test, there are a few general parameters that make the test a little difficult to take.

Factors that make the PTE Test difficult

Focusing on the testOne of the difficult things to tackle in the PTE Academic is the test environment. The small partitions, the confusion of too many people speaking at the same time, and the use of too many types of equipment can be a nerve-wracking experience for quite a lot of people. 

However, there is only one way out of all of these—focus on the test! If you can do that well, you will realize that nothing around you matters enough to distract you.

  1. Managing your time efficiently in the exam duration

You will be surprised by the number of people who are proficient at English and yet fail to score well in the PTE Exam. This is because the test is about language, strategy, and time management. And if one fails to find a good balance between all of these, they fail!

  1. Practice staying calm

Like any other examination, PTE Academic might also give you pangs of anxiety. Practice staying calm. Different things work for different people. It can be deep breathing, grounding exercises, or centralizing your energies before the test begins.

Agreed that there are a few things about the PTE Test that make it difficult but with the right mentorship and enough practice even that can be taken care of.

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