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How Do I Reset Outlook Settings?

Reset Outlook Settings: You may reset Outlook to help you have a new start. You may have created so many custom settings in Microsoft Outlook over time that you cannot undo them. Due to a lack of technical skills necessary to restore Outlook to its factory default settings, you may need to contact Customer Support for assistance. These customised settings may cause interruptions in your everyday work or possibly cause Outlook to crash.

If you’re looking for guidlines on how to reset Outlook without losing your email data for the first time, you’ve come to the correct spot.

How To Factory Reset Outlook On A Windows PC?

Please follow these steps to reset Outlook on a Windows PC:

  • Close Microsoft Outlook and navigate to Windows’ “Control Panel” through the “Start Menu.”
  1.  In Windows 7, from the “Start Menu” bottom left of your screen, select “Control Panel.”
  2. Swipe your cursor to the extreme right of the screen in Windows 8.Then choose “Control Panel”.
  • Once in the Control Panel Wizard,
  1. In the top right corner, click the “View By” button and select “Small Icons.”
  2. Next, in the Control Panel shield, click the “Mail” tab.
  • In the profiles part of the Mail Setup dialogue box, click “Show the Profile Tab.”
  • Then, in the mailbox, click “Add” to establish a new account.
  • Type a name for the new profile in the “Profile Name” field and then click “OK.”
  • Enter your username and password for your account and click “next.” It is identical to the username and password you use to access your mail server.
  • Now, in the “Add” profile dialogue box, click the “Cancel” option and then “OK” to save your new profile.
  • Now that you’ve been taken to the Mail dialogue box, choose the “Always use this profile” option and then click New Profile. It guarantees that Outlook opens with the newly created, blank profile.
  • At this point, close the “Control Panel” Wizard.
  • Your modified settings have been saved. When you relaunch Microsoft Outlook, you’ll notice a new start. Your server and calendar data will be synced to the server, allowing you to view your messages.

After you’ve configured the profile settings, Microsoft Outlook will restore its factory defaults, just as it did the first time you used it.

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To Conclude:

Please keep in mind that resetting Outlook to factory settings will result in the loss of your account information. Open the Mail dialogue box and click the “Always Use This Profile” button to reverse the settings.

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