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How Do You Find The Right Company To Haul Your Yacht?

In the world of yacht transportation, the industry offers the owners to haul their yacht in almost any part of the world. The yacht industry is so vast, and picking the right company in order to haul your yacht and have a sound experience of the same is so tough a job. Many people might think that it isn’t a big deal but to be very honest, when you start searching for the perfect company to ship your yacht, this is way more difficult than you’ve imagined. However, thanks to online shipping comparison tools like Shiply, shipping your yacht anywhere has become really easy.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are available in the market, which makes use of endless crafty marketing strategies, and end up fooling the end customer. Also, the huge number of companies make it difficult for the usual person to spot the corrupt ones. One needs to have proper knowledge of the yacht industry along with the processes involved in the same, in order to prevent any mishaps.

Whenever you search for the right company to haul your yacht, you keep an eye on all the aspects. Before choosing a company, and avail their services, there are a set of factors that should be taken into the concern to get a sound and positive experience.

The major factors to be considered before choosing the right company to haul your yacht are: 

  1. Transport Options

One of the major factors to be considered before opting for the perfect company is the mode of transportation they are using. The mode of transportation usually depends on the length, weight, and beam of the yacht. All the yachts up to 40′, termed as small yachts, are transported using the means of road transport.

For medium-sized yachts, up to 60′, container vessels are used for the same. This is considered the riskiest method in the industry. There is another method which is meant for transportation of medium as well as large yachts. In this method, an exclusive yacht carrier is used, which is operated only by highly qualified staff and is considered one of the best methods of the same.

  1. Insurance Coverage 

One should make a check whether the company is opting for a separate cargo insurance policy. This insurance policy is a must whenever a yacht is transported through an ocean. This insurance policy helps you cover all the exposure of loading, discharge, and ocean transit. The rates of the same do fluctuate depending on the route of the ongoing vessel and the port at which the yacht is loaded and discharged. You should check with the boat transportation agency prior to shipping.

  1. Operating Charges

Different companies have different sets of rates. One should compare the rates of various companies and choose the best suited for yourself. While comparing the rates, you should make sure the rates are on a water-to-water basis. This means that the rates which are portrayed by the company include all the labor during loading and discharging, equipment used, and other miscellaneous charges. Many companies usually offer low rates initially and ask for more adding all the charges after the operation.

  1. Damages 

One should make sure to document the condition of the yacht before loading at the port. It is advised to have a proper survey of the yacht before loading and then at the discharging. One should take pictures of the exteriors as well as interiors of the yacht beforehand. It is usually observed that because of improper handling and cradle failure, a lot of yachts get damaged while transporting. In case your yacht gets damaged, you can claim the company for the insurance policy.

  1. Don’t always go for the lowest price 

Who doesn’t want to avail of the service at a low price as possible? But in the case of the yacht transportation industry, it is advised that one should not always go for the lowest rate. Many companies out there usually quote a reasonably low rate and try to get their business on the go. These companies do accept the job but are unable to follow through.

  1. Payment Method 

It is always advised that all the payments in the yacht industry should be done through a third-party escrow agent. Any well-known and reputed company won’t have any issue with these terms.

  1. Delivery Times

Most of the companies out there would provide you with a loading window instead of an actual date of the same. This is because there are many factors that might affect the date of arrival. Factors such as weather, traffic at ports, etc. which are not in human control may lead to delays in the same. It should be made sure that the company is providing an accurate arrival date once the yacht is loaded.

  1. Cancellation dates

There have been cases in the past wherein the companies have claimed a time period of 365 days should be deemed. It should be ensured that the cancellation date is mentioned in the contract before opting for the right company to haul your yacht. It is recommended to never agree to a contract, without a very clearly mentioned cancellation date.

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