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How Does Skilled Independent Visa 189 Work In Australia?

The skilled independent visa subclass 189 invites New Zealand citizens and workers from across the country who wish to live and work permanently. While filling the application form, applicants can be outside or inside the country, sponsor their family members, study and work anywhere, etc. The process of Skilled Independent Visa 189 is explained here. Apart from that, the requirements you have to attain and the benefits you can enjoy are also explained here.

How does Skilled Independent Visa 189 work?

  • First of all, you have to check the occupation on the skilled list and score at least 65+ points.
  • Secondly, you have to lodge an expression of interest with the department. Once it gets done, you have to wait till you receive an invitation from the department stating you can apply for a visa subclass 189
  • The experts will lodge the visa and look into the matter until the decision is made.
  • After you have received approval from the authorities, you can go to the country with your loved ones.
  • After knowing the process, before you start the process, here are a few descriptions of the requirements. Before you start attaining them, it is important to know about the categories. They are Points-tested stream and New Zealand stream.

Now the requirements are:

Be invited to apply 

Candidates can apply for the first category if they have received the invitation. Without that, you cannot do so, and it is required for a points-stream visa only.

  • The skill assessment and age requirement 

A suitable skill assessment needs to be declared when applying for the visa to ensure the visa application is valid. The skill assessment must be obtained three years before the invitation date, and that for the first category. Be under 45 years of age when you are applying for the visa.

  • Satisfying the income needs

The taxable income shown on the Notice of Assessment must be above or at the minimum income threshold listed. The amount below the threshold cannot be accepted until you have given some proof. If you find any difficulty in understanding the specifications or have to get stuck anywhere, speak with the registered migration agent Perth. They have guided many aspirants in filling up the visa application form and can come to your rescue.

  • A score above 65 points and have the English level language. 

For a points-tested visa, submitting EOI is a must, and you must obtain a score of 65 points. In case you have not achieved the mark, you will not be invited to apply for the visa. When you apply, you have to provide details regarding the same. For the first category, the applicant must attain English level language. The processing time for the visa is 13 months, so you must apply accordingly.

  • Signing the Australian value statement and no debt 

Students applying for the visa must sign the Australian value statement. It indicates that you must obey law and order of the country. Besides that, if you have taken any financial assistance under the Australian government, you must clear them at the earliest. In case you cannot clear them, you have to make certain provisions. If you do follow the specification as specified by the authority, you will not receive your visa.

  • I lived in Australia for at least five years.

For the second category, you must have completed staying in the country for at least five years. The continuous staying period must start from the 19th of February 2016.

  • Meeting the health and character requirements. 

For both the categories, the health and character requirements need to be achieved. In case you skip any of the clauses, you have to wait for a long time to receive a visa.

  • No cancellation or rejection of the previous visa 

Have you applied for the Skilled Independent Visa 189 Australia previously? People do not cross-check the information before applying, so they had to face rejection or cancellation. But this must not happen with an Australian visa, and if it happens, you have to look at the visa cancellation effects.

Things you can do after obtaining the visa 

After your visa has got sanctioned, you can do a lot of things in the country. They are:

  • Study and work 

The visa allows you to study and work in your favorite course according to your wish. For that, ensure that you get a Skilled Independent Visa 189 on time, and if you need any help, the Immigration Agents Perth can guide you.

  • Bring your family members. 

The visa allows you to bring your family members to the country and stay with you. Before that, they have to achieve the visa requirements without fail.

  • Become an Australian citizen

The visa allows you to become an Australian citizen. It is another benefit to enjoy. But before that, you must check out the terms and conditions.

Signing off 

Hopefully, after reading this content, you must have understood every detail about Skilled Independent Visa 189. Now you can prepare for the process after receiving an invitation where you work. Once you get it, you can independently reside, work, and study in the territory of Australia. It is the direct and easiest path to become a permanent resident based on the skills you possess. Not only that, but you can also include the names of your close relatives whom you want to take along.

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