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How Folder Printing Opens up Creative Marketing Opportunities

Presentation folders are one of the most creative ways to generate leads and get new business. A typical folder contains all the relevant information about the business in the form of various documents. Folder printing includes product descriptions, corporate brochures, annual reports, and more similar materials.

Apart from these, you can even include CDs or DVDs, in specially designed presentation folders. This way you can include more information which would take a lot of paper.

Marketing and the Presentation Folder

The business world already has multiple ways to market its products and services. From email to social media marketing, digital promotion may be one of the most explored methods to reach prospects these days. But there is an important conventional way that still holds value in this digital age.

Even though there are multiple design templates available for presentation folders, these may look dull. That is when personased folders come in.

presentation folder printing allows you to design the folder for your needs. Always design your own folders, consulting your marketing team.

The design should go well with the logo and text. Choose a color scheme that will not spoil the entire design, make it classy or flashy based on your business.

The folder design is as important as the material inside the personalised folder. So instead of going with the normal logo and tagline on the cover, do something special to make it stand out.

Personalised presentation folders have more chances to be picked up by a prospect since it embodies the soul of your business.

There is a way you arrange the documents in a folder so that someone who opens it up does not get bored easily. For achieving this you need to place the art-filled brochures over the more text heavy materials like sales reports and white papers.

How to market using a folder?

When you are part of an event, like a seminar or a report presentation, it would be a useful thing to distribute these personalised presentation folders. Rather than overwhelming the reader with all details about your business, you can order it in a better way.

A presentation folder that includes a business card slot will make it easy for the target audience to contact you directly.

It can act as a conversation starter whenever a potential client or customer visits your business. Since it holds all the necessary details about the business and its services, the reader will feel confident to give you a thumbs up. They will have the ease of carrying this information and can go through it now and then.

Types of folders to choose from

Based on the paper size, presentation folder printing can be A4 or A5. Since A4 is the most common among the two and is mostly used in copier machines all over the world, it is also called copier paper. It is larger than the A5 paper and thus can hold more information than the latter.

This makes A4 folders the most common compared to A5. But A5 folder is also useful depending on the situation. There are many situations where A5 paper is used to make flyers and product descriptions. So there is a need for A5 presentation folders which are more lightweight and can be easily distributed.

There are differences in the way each folder is designed. There can be a business card slot, one or more slots to keep the documents, or other additions.

Based on the structure you can choose from the standard pocket folder, a Tri-fold folder, square or landscape verities, gatefold presentation folder, and many more.

Finishing is important

To make sure that the text on the folder stays without fading for a long period of time, you need to choose high quality finishing. This will make the folder look more professional.

The folder printing services allow multiple options- Matte, Gloss, Velvet, Linen, or Silk. Matte and Gloss are the more cost-effective options while velvet, linen, and silk give a luxurious feel to the folder.

There is a difference in which the text and logo on the cover look in each of these materials. Although there are many pros for each, there are cons such as damage because of transportation and moisture.

You can also do embossing for parts of the page that needs more attention. So choose based on your artwork, design, and budget.

Personalised presentation folders can also be made of leather. There are various folder printing services that have the capability to deliver high quality leather presentation folders. These are perfect choices for corporate events and meetings with high-profile clients. These will contain compartments with zippers that can ensure a high degree of safety for documents.

Summing up

A presentation folder may be an added advantage during events like presentations and trade shows. They can be gifted as a welcome pack to people visiting your business.

The logo on the cover is one of your major advertisements and identity among your target audience. Thus it is not just a mere information pack, it can also drive sales as a creative sales tool.