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How to Choose Healthy Juices

This is a diet therapy for purifying the body and improving the constitution by drinking only 800 cuss of juice 3 to 4 times a day with 10 to 14 days as one cycle. It is even more useful to use herbs to clear the intestines and young barley leaf powder that provides nutrition.

The safest and most effective fasting method

The two primary points needed to recover from the disease are excretion of toxins and adequate nutrition for the body. The fasting method for excreting toxins in many dietary schools until now was that the mainstream method was never to eat anything other than water. This fasting method often causes intense feelings of hunger, weakness, headache, and different reactions, and it does not recommend doing it at home for more than five days.

Juice fasting to produce energy

Fresh raw vegetables and fruits are full of digestive enzymes. Drinking plenty of natural plant and fruit juices and spending a few days can be more energetic than eating a regular meal. This is because the body required for digestion does not need to use energy, it can completely absorb high-quality nutrients, and it can also take in sufficient enzymes that activate cells.

If you take Super P Force before meals, take it at least 30 minutes before, preferably 1 hour before meals. Once the body absorbs the active ingredient, it is safe to eat.

When food cooks, the digestive enzymes are lost, so the body produces digestive enzymes before digestion. It takes a substantial amount of strength to produce proteins in the body, and 80% of the energy required for absorption use to produce digestive enzymes. On the other hand, eating and fruits raw does not need the strength to make enzymes in the body, so unless energy use up in daily activities, much energy use for body repair.

Effect of juice

Suppose you use raw vegetables and fruits as juice. You can completely absorb plenty of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidant photochemical that protect the body from active oxygen, without burdening the digestive system. Juice fasting is not very hungry or collapsing, but rather energetic, light-weighted, light-headed, alleviates the pain generally associated with it, and cleans the intestines, making it very refreshing. It will feel. Also, enzymes contained in raw vegetables and fruits promote the excretion of toxins in the body.

Why juice?

When eating raw vegetables and fruits, the body takes in nutrients from the juice part separated from the fiber, but dietary fiber is not digested and excretes. Therefore, in a healthy diet, absorption of nutrients is increased by “chewing well.” When it Mack into juice, it is in a state that is sufficiently separate from the fibers,

By drinking it, nutrients can be absorbed without waste. Even when made into juice, the water-soluble fiber remains, so it works as an intestinal cleanser. However, for those who are fully digested and healthy, it is sufficient to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits in their original form.

Juice therapy basic program

Juice therapy varies a little depending on the sanatorium and doctors in each region where it is administered, and how to drink it. Still, it is done by the following program.

  1. The period is from 5 days to 3 weeks, with 1-2 months until the next fasting period.
  2. The standard juice is 2000-2600cc per day, and you can drink it several times a day.
  3. The juice is made without mixing vegetables and fruits. It is good to drink about 50% of vegetable juice and 50% of fruit juice one day. (No need to stick)
  4. Never drink coffee or soft drinks. Good herbal tea but no sugar.
  5. Rest without doing strenuous exercise or work. It is advantageous for recovery to take enough rest. Light exercise and stretching are good.
  6. If possible, use lukewarm water and avoid taking a hot bath that exhausts your body.
  7. Sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes the time. Do not hit the strong sunlight for a long time.
  8. People with chronic constipation should give an enema before starting a fast.
  9. During the fasting period, make sure your limbs are fully clothed to avoid cooling your body.

1 to 3 is standard items, so depending on the symptom, adjust the period’s length and change the juice ingredients as appropriate.

What changes are taking part in the body during this program?

★ Digestive Rest

Fasting provides physical, physiological, and psychological rest. In particular, the digestive system is not required to digest solids, and the digestive glands can be put to a complete rest.

★Toxin excretion

Toxins enter the body in various ways and accumulate. Most of it depends on your diet. It’s best to start by removing toxins for good health. Fasting is the most natural and fastest way to release toxic substances from the body and cleanse them.

When toxin removal reaches its limit by fasting, the tongue is covered with a membrane and becomes sticky. Excess toxins are exhaled from the lungs and bronchi, making your breath breathy. Viruses are also released from the intestines and skin. The body from which viruses have been removed is better digested, absorbed, and assimilated. Besides, a small amount of food can keep you healthy. It also reduces your appetite for harmful and unnatural food.

★Normalization of body tissues (healing)

By resting the digestive organs, the vital energy that is supposed to be used for digestion is used for the affected areas that require healing, and it can perform repair work without hindrance. Strangely, the body is rebuilding in a fasting state where no food enters the tissue. However, the boy’s foot, which had been said to have to be amputated for one year without being treated by any treatment, was healed by a 10-day fast, and patients with severe anemia suffered from increased red blood cells. Various recoveries are seen, such as being seen.

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