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How to create a modern business card online

Once you’ve established a business, the next step is to promote it to potential clients. Nowadays, there are several effective and unique methods of publicizing your business. One of the most underrated marketing methods is owning a business card. This small card is an excellent way to communicate your business’ essential details, like name, logo, and contact information, in the first instance. 


Since a business card will be your company’s first impression, it must be impressive. Many entrepreneurs need help designing a card that resonates with their business. Since a lot of effort goes into designing a business card, you’ll need all the help possible. The following tips can guide you in creating an outstanding modern business card. 

Decide the shape and size

Gone are the days when businesses used to stick to the traditional rectangular-shaped cards. Nowadays, you can die-cut business cards into different patterns and shapes. If your company offers creative services, you can display the business idea through the shape of your card. 


For instance, if you’ve opened a bakery, you could print your card on cupcake cutouts. However, it’s important to note that different-shaped cards are discouraged for formal businesses. 


Moreover, remember how easy your business card should be to keep when deciding the card size. It should ideally be the size of your credit card so it can fit in wallets and pockets. 

Add relevant information

A business card’s purpose is to communicate your business’s important details explicitly. You must ensure that the following details are correctly displayed on your card.

  • Business Name
  • Company Logo
  • Tagline
  • Your Name and Job Title
  • Contact Details: Mobile number, website address, and office location
  • Social Media Handles

You don’t need to clutter all the information on one side of the card. Instead, you can ideally add your company’s details, like the logo, name, and social media handles, on the front side. On the back side, you should add your details, like your name, position at the company, and contact details. 


Make it attractive but simple

If you want potential clients to remember your business, you must create an attractive and impactful business card. You can experiment with cardstock types, colors, graphics, and font styles to match your brand and business idea. However, while creating an eye-catching card, you also need to ensure that your card is simple and easy to read. 


The first element you must focus on is the font type and size. Four fonts are commonly used on the face of a business card: Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Display fonts. Your font type selection should match your brand’s theme or idea. You should combine two different fonts on your business card to attract the reader’s attention. 


It’s also important to be mindful of the font size. The essential details like the company name, logo, tagline, and your name can be in a bigger font. At the same time, you can write contact details, and social media handles in smaller font. Another important tip to remember is to select a lighter font color if your card’s background color is vibrant and a darker font color if the background is light-themed. 


With the nitty-gritty of making a business card, it can be challenging to keep everything in mind when designing. To make the process easier, you could create your business card by selecting and customizing the business card templates available at PosterMyWall. 

Add a special element

With new and unique businesses emerging nowadays, your business card, too, needs to stand out from the rest. You would want people to remember your business card and company, but you’d have to include a special element when designing your card. You can get creative with different elements on your card, like the card type and coat typography, colors, and text. 


Why always choose a paper card when there are several other materials for printing a card? You can make transparent plastic cards or shiny metal ones too. Not only do they make a memorable impact, but they are also considered more valuable and last longer since they are waterproof. You can print cards with letterpress, embossment, spot UV coating, or foil stamping. The possibilities for making a unique business card are endless!

Proofread before printing

One of the most important aspects of designing a business card is proofreading it before sending it to print. You wouldn’t want to ruin your business image because of small spelling mistakes or misinformation. Read and then reread the text on your business card several times to ensure all the details are correctly added. You can even ask close friends or family members to share their opinions and proof-check the card.  


If you’ve heard of ‘the first impression is the last,’ you’ll realize how important an attractive business card can be for a company. Since it’s the first impression of your business to your potential clients, you should ensure it is attention-grabbing, simple, and conveys all the relevant information.