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How to Find Roku IP Address Without Remote or WiFi?

You have likely lost your Roku remote and wish to find the Roku IP address without the remote or WiFi. If so, this guide has sufficient information to assist you. If you cannot locate your Roku remote, your television may be able to provide the IP address of your Roku box. Prior to that:

Why Know Roku’s IP Address?

Roku’s ‘My Feed’ function posts new movies from preferred channels straight to the user’s feed. My Feed not working frequently indicates an internet problem. You can’t troubleshoot Roku connectivity issues without the router IP address.

Roku utilizes DHCP to automatically receive an IP address from the router. You may locate it on your home network or Roku’s home screen. If you can’t find it, you may swap your Router IP address or Roku Box IP address.

How to Find Roku Router IP Without a Remote?

how to find roku ip address without remote or wifi

Check if your TV is Roku-compatible. Start a TV program and place a post-it note over the screen to test. Press Home on your Roku remote, then More > Settings > System > About, and highlight ‘Roku Ready’ under Manufacturer Model.

Steps to verify Roku IP address without remote:

  • Roku menu settings
  • Find Networking
  • Under settings, find “About.”
  • Without a remote or Wi-Fi, you can easily discover the Roku Address.

1:  Through Router

Last, we’ll examine finding Roku IP addresses via a router. It’s direct and shouldn’t take long. Most routers show linked devices by IP address. Log into your router’s admin panel using your browser. Router-specific. After that, all linked devices are listed. Otherwise, check the status page.

The router may list each Roku device’s IP address. Next to the IP address, the linked devices are listed. If no Roku devices are listed, try for MAC addresses. Most routers contain a column for it. If not, try WhatsmyIP.org. Only a complete MAC address will work.

2: Through Roku Chrome Extension

Chrome addon is another wonderful way to find Roku addresses without a controller. This is the easiest, most reliable way. Roku extension is a Chrome online software that lets you operate Roku Networks using a virtual remote.

It must connect to Roku devices on your network. Steps:

  • After launching Chrome, visit the web store. To find it, check the bookmarks bar. Google “Chrome applications” to open Chrome online shop.
  • Search Chrome Web Store for Remoku addon.
  • Click Add to Chrome to add the extension.
  • Roku’s virtual remote appears when you click the upper-right icon.
  • You’ll see a top-level app menu.
  • Now go to settings; the top box includes all the tools.
  • First two lines only. Match your network’s IP pattern. Most users can use the default IP address.
  • Next, indicate how many Rokus are in your network, and it will begin scanning.
  • This addon scans IP addresses and finds Roku’s.


There is no need for concern on your part about this matter given how simple it is to find a roku ip address without a remote or wifi. If you follow all of the methods that have been discussed above, locating the Roku IP address will be simple and won’t require a remote.

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