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How to Freeze Facebook Account [2020 – With Current Information]

How to Freeze Facebook Account

  • How to Freeze Facebook? What is Facebook Freezing Time?
  • How to freeze Facebook account?
  • What happens when my Facebook account is frozen?
  • How do I freeze my Facebook messenger account?
  • How to Freeze Your Facebook Messenger Account Step by Step;

1. How to Freeze Facebook? What is Facebook Freezing Time?

As with all social media accounts, there are options to freeze and delete the account on Facebook. How to make Instagram account ice cream we shared in detail in our previous articles. Now, we’ve gathered all the information that can help those who want to close their Facebook account or freeze it for a while.

2. How to freeze Facebook account?

You can freeze your account for a time, then open it again at any time. You can follow these steps to freeze your Facebook account;

First, you log in to your Facebook Id account and click on the down arrow in the upper right on the homepage. Select the settings from the tabs that open after clicking the arrow.

When you come to the settings page, the general option is in the first row in the left column. Click him

On the screen that opens, select the Manage account option. Here it says Change account heir settings or freeze account. Click Edit.

You can do many things on this screen. In case something happens to you, you can make an account heir arrangement that can close or manage the account for you. You can also remove the data archive permission from this page. The option at the bottom of the page is the freeze account option. Click on this option.

Thus, your Facebook account will be frozen until you re-open it.

3. What happens when my Facebook account is frozen?

Nobody else can see your Facebook profile. When searching with your name, your profile is not included in the search results.  Freezing your Facebook account does not mean freezing the Facebook messenger application. After freezing your Facebook account, you can continue using the messaging application. The messages you forward to your friends will still appear in the message boxes. Some information can be seen by your friends even if your profile is not opened. People you are friends with may still have your name on their friends list. But only your friends can see your name on their list, nobody else can see it.

Facebook messenger works like a different mobile application. For this reason, people can search, find, and message you on Facebook Messenger. If you do not want to be reached from Messenger, you can freeze your account there.

4. How do I freeze my Facebook messenger account?

To freeze your Messenger account, you also need to freeze your Facebook account. If you have frozen your Facebook before, you can also freeze your Facebook messaging account.

5. How to Freeze Your Facebook Messenger Account Step by Step;

Enter the app to freeze the Messenger.


After entering the application, click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. When you click on this, click on the privacy and conditions on the screen that will open, after that click on Freeze Messenger option in the options.

After saying freeze, the app will ask you to enter a password to make sure you do this. After entering your password and saying OK, your messenger account will also be frozen.

You can open your Facebook account or your messenger account at any time. Note that you only need access to your phone number and e-mail address to open these accounts. Verification codes will come to one or both of these when you decide to re-open your account.

It is a different process to delete the Facebook account completely, to delete the messenger account completely. In this article, we shared the account freezing process steps with you. News Spotify

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