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How to Log Out of Roku A Step By Step Guide!

As we all know, the Roku device is one of the most effective tools available today for entertainment and breaking up the monotony. Roku offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including TV series, documentaries, sporting events, and blockbusters. By integrating cartoon channels for children’s pleasure, the creators of Roku TV have even given the younger generation a fair edge. Additionally, if you want to learn how to log out of Roku TV, you are fortunate, as this article is specifically to meet your demands.

Users who have a Roku account may view a number of channels. Millions of customers find Roku appealing due to its additional feature of offering numerous plans. You may choose an appropriate strategy based on your tastes and how much time you spend watching online news. Roku TV setup is quick and simple, lasting only a few seconds. Users may log in and out of the Roku player on TV. You just need to sign in if you already have a Roku account; otherwise, you’ll need to create one. This is not a tough process, however, it could take some time. Please read the entire post to the end if you want to learn the simplest way to log out of Roku in 2022. Whether it’s to create a new account or for some other reason.

How to Log Out of Roku?

A Roku device may log out in a number of ways, but the most popular one is to factory reset the device. Check to check whether your Roku player has a reset button. At least twenty seconds must pass after pressing the button for the LED to begin flashing. Give over the reins.

Scroll down to the Power and Mute buttons on the Roku player if the Roku TV lacks a reset button. Reconnect the power cord after unplugging it. Release your grip on the icons once you see the device’s setup screen. Additionally, you may reset your Roku using the Menu bar:

  • From the main page, go to Settings.
  • Click System
  • Select Factory Reset.
  • Type in the verification code and click OK.

What is the Roku Login Process?

The next time you power on the Roku after it has been reset, you will take through the setup procedure. You will prompt to select the language, sign in or create a new Roku account, and connect to your Wi-Fi network. You might need to redownload your subscribed channels in order to access them using Roku.

How Do I Add a Different Account to My Roku?

If you want to sell your Roku device, you should reset it so that all of the data associated with the old account is erased and no longer accessible to future users.

On a single Roku device, multiple accounts are not allowed. However, many Rokus may utilize your account. This will allow you to stream content from any network to which you have subscribed on every Roku device.

How Can I Cancel My Roku TV Subscription?

The Roku official website may use to cancel a Roku TV subscription. You may delete an account on the Roku website.

Please follow the instructions listed below to cancel your Roku TV account.

  • From your computer or phone, just navigate to https://my.roku.com to get started.
  • After signing in with the Roku account you wish to delete, browse to check your network connections.
  • Disconnect all of your linked gadgets if you have any. Any subscriptions linked to your Roku account should cancel.
  • Find the cancellation file, touch on it, and check to see if it has been disabled. Your streaming media account will thereafter completely deletes.


The requirements and wants of the reader are thus take into account while formulating the detailed instructions for how to log out of Roku TV in this article. For a variety of reasons, including adding a new account to the Roku device. Then users may wish to know how to log out of Roku. To ensure that everyone can grasp the alternatives, the post keeps things straightforward. So, I hope this post has provided you with all the information you need to log out of Roku TV.

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