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How to Make a Campfire Tripod

Well, this sucks. You are two hours into hiding out in the forest. You just now realized that you skipped your campfire grill at home. That might be a bummer, but it doesn’t matter because after reading this, you’ll know how to make your best campfire tripod.

Balancing your cookware on your fire’s logs is always a way to get around this is honestly what I do a lot of the time. It backfires, and you’ve lost your precious food to the fire and maybe even put the entire fire out.

So instead of doing that, what can you do? Hike back and get the rest of your gear? No way! You’ll make one of these super simple campfire tripods when you finally reach that beautiful camping spot on top of the mountain. It’ll take you 20 minutes, tops.

A campfire tripod can be a lifesaver when you need it by letting you quickly heat up and cook food and also kill off any bacteria by boiling your water. Besides the essential functions of a campfire tripod, it can also be that perfect touch to your campsite to get that excellent camping feel.

In this article, I’ll show you a few super simple ways you can make your campfire tripod on your next camping trip.

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Tripod

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Tripod

Cook with old-fashioned style directly over a campfire. This durable steel tripod makes open-flame pot cooking friendly and straightforward. Features include:

Heavy-duty steel construction.

  • A sturdy adjustable steel chain for hanging cast iron cookware.
  • Easy fold-up for storage and transportation.

Storage bag included.

Best Campfire Grills

Best Campfire Grills

Many people enjoy consuming time in the great outdoors because of the beautiful views and the escape it offers away from the city. Cooking outside is another fun and enjoyable part of camping and can allow you to make delicious food over an open fire. Campfire grills are a must-have because of how easy they are to use and transport when you want to make hamburgers or steaks on a campground or at a national park. The type of grill you use determines the quality of the food you prepare and how easy it is to cook over a bonfire. If you want to find something sturdy and durable for long-lasting use, there are a few campfire grills worth investing in the next time you plan to go on an outdoor excursion.

Camping Tripod for Cooking Over Fire

Camping Tripod for Cooking Over Fire

This is a step-by-step guide to making a sturdy tripod you can use to hang a cooking pot, dutch oven, coffee pot, or anything else you want to hold over a campfire.

There are very lovely commercially produced tripods available, including expensive wrought-iron ones. This can be made for up to $25 if you purchase everything brand new and be nearly as durable and certainly lighter. It could be created cheaper, even free if you can scavenge the parts from scrap.