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How to match a watch with your attire

Wearing a watch does not only represent your personality but it also expresses what you have accomplished in life. That’s why the watch you wear around your wrist must show quality and value. The design of your timepiece can make or break your how you look at an event. You need something versatile and sophisticated to complement your attire. So, you must pay attention to certain factors while buying a watch from the best online watch store.

Of course, the first rule to avoid a wardrobe disaster is to own more than one timepieces. This not only increases the serval of options but you’ll always have another watch to mix things up. In addition, a different watch with colorful or metal straps and a different design can go with different outfits.

You can always watch extra timepieces at affordable prices from an online Casio G shock sale. However, there are some basicily factors that you must keep in mind while making a purchase. Factors, such as body posture, outfit, lifestyle, and age play an important role.

Here, we have enlisted five different ways through which beginners can select suitable watches for themselves.

  1. Formality

This goes without saying that your watch style must complement the decorum of the event and your attire. So, the choice falls onto your dictions of attire whether you will be wearing the watch with a formal dress or a casual outfit. If you are searching for a timepiece to wear with a casual dress, go for a sports watch. On the contrary, an analog timepiece is an ideal choice for a formal dress.

  1. Metal complements metal

You can get watches in various shapes, such as square, rectangular, round, and polygonal. The watch case must complement other accessories that you are having on yourself. So, if you are wearing formal attire with metal accessories, make sure your timepiece has metal parts instead of plastic.

  1. Leather complements leather

Straps are often considered as a non-important and merely useful part of a timepiece. But that’s not true, as straps of your watch can make or break your entire look. Before you wear a watch, make sure the straps align with your shoe and belt color.

  1. What to do when not sure?

People often take black straps as a formal color that can go well with everything. Although this is true, sometimes wearing another color can alter your looks in a good way. So, we recommend you to own alternative bands in both black and brown colors. This way you can replace the straps and can balance a formal attire with brown shoes and a watch.

  1. Bend the rules a little

Many people prefer wearing modern design but sometimes wearing an odd watch can bring colors to your attire. For example, you can always wrap a vintage heirloom watch around your wrist and flaunt it with pride. They can go with every dress and represent a proud history that you can tell people during a formal event. After all, who doesn’t want to hear a beautiful tale of legacy and how you ended up with a classic timepiece, right?