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How to recreate a dreamy Child’s Room

I thought of breaking the blue and pink barriers when my son was born and thought of decorating his room most uniquely and dreamily possible. Naturally, we want to pick the best things, recreate the best decors, and with a full dose of natural ventilation pumping in from all corners. A room is a place where the kids spend the best of their time; this is the place that greatly influences their thoughts- be it that cozy bed or that space ship inspired wall texture designThe idea of decorating the room well within the budget sounds even more exciting. Well then, here are our well-curated tips that will help you from kids décor to kid’s furniture.


1. The simplest and coolest bed will always be the first attraction for your kids, ranging from a bunk bed to step bed, from car shaped design to tent bed, from the bed is where the little one’s best ideas sprout. A comfortable bed is a half-done room. 

2. Creating a crawl space where they can go into an imaginary world and dream of all things creative. Adding secret play areas or hideouts is a great way to foster their creative minds. 

3. From simple globe wallpaper to bright hues of mustard and blue wall painting designs for bedrooms take kids into a merrier and happy world. Sometimes these are the factors that, in the end, drive them to peace and solace. Whatever may be the outer world, creating a holy grail for kids is the best that we can do.

4. Hanging chairs and swings- A rather creative way to engage the kids within the house. Do not forget to hang one in the kid’s room, from listening to their favorite songs to reading a book- they could do all within the close quarters and in the comfort of their room.

5. Kids bedding- Ensure you choose baby prints for kid’s bedding, cushions, towels, and personalize with their name of pictures wherever possible to get that feeling of ownership.

6. Closets and drawers- The most important aspect, ideal closets and storage drawers should be designed considering the kid’s height and reach. The ideal is those which they can easily access without being assisted. It is indeed a great way to teach a kid to organize by themselves.

7. Creating whimsical touch- That hyper cute touch in the kid’s room, along with creating a fun element, is what we call a whimsical touch. A snake and ladder game or a bingo game can be replicated in the form of a storage container or bookshelf.

Personalized walls/photo wall- Another extraordinary idea of space is creating