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How Do I Turn Off Audio Description on Roku?

How to turn off audio description on a Roku streaming device or TV is covered in this article. You may disable the function from the Accessibility settings or utilize a remote shortcut. Additionally, certain Roku channels feature audio-guided programming, which you may enable or disable from the app’s settings or while the program is playing.

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How to Use Remote to Disable the Voice on Roku?

Users with vision impairments that want further assistance navigating the Roku menus can utilize Screen Reader. But if you discover it has been accidentally switched on, using a shortcut on the Roku remote is the quickest method to turn it back off.

how to turn off audio description on roku

Press the asterisk button on the Roku remote four times fast to turn on and off the Screen Reader.

Note: This makes it simple to unintentionally activate Screen Reader. Be mindful of this feature when using the remote because this shortcut cannot be turned off.

How to Use the Settings Menu on Roku to Turn Off Voice?

The Screen Reader controls are located under the Accessibility menu if that’s what you want.

  • On the Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • In the left sidebar, choose Settings.
  • Choose Accessibility.
  • Choose Screen Reader.
  • Choose Off.

How Do I Turn Off Audio Description on Roku?

Each streaming service independently implements Descriptive Audio, so if you hear it and wish to turn it off, you must do it inside the streaming provider’s app.

Although each streaming app is unique, the following is a quick introduction to the location of the descriptive audio controls in a few of the most well-known streaming apps.

  • Apple TV: Choose Accessibility, Audio Descriptions, and Off from the menu that appears after clicking the gear-shaped Settings icon at the top of the Apple TV home screen.
  • HBO Max: Use the Roku remote’s Star button to choose Accessibility & Captions, then select Audio Track. Pick a language without any descriptive audio.
  • Hulu: On the Roku remote, choose Up, followed by Settings. Change the language to one that doesn’t include an audio description in the Audio section.
  • Netflix: To access the language selections on Netflix, use the Up button on the remote. Select a language without audio description instead of English – Audio Description.
  • Prime Video: Press the Up button on your Roku remote to access Prime Video, then choose Audio & Languages. Select the language without audio description from the list.

You could find that cable TV programming includes this sort of informative audio if you have a typical cable TV input attached to your Roku. You must deactivate the cable network’s secondary audio programming in order to disable it (SAP).

Different cable companies have different SAP controls, but if you have Spectrum TV, for instance, use the remote to choose Settings, followed by Preferences, then Audio Language (SAP).

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