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Peri cues Jayson Eagle Eye Shaw – Jayson Shaw

 Jayson Shaw was born in 1988, and he is a professional pool player and ambassador for Peri Cues. Shaw has won almost everything there is to succeed in the professional pool world. He is also a 2-time world champion in English black-ball.

Jayson Shaw also appears regularly on the European Mosconi Cup team and rarely loses a match. The pool media and fans love Jayson Shaw. He is always fun to watch and brings a lot of action to the tables!

In 2018 Jayson Shaw signed a sponsorship deal with peri cues for ten years. It is a record-long sponsorship contract in the pool industry.

Peri pool cues are known for being of excellent quality. They make sure to follow strict manufacturing procedures, and the result is a high-end quality product. 

Peri sponsors many pros all over the world, and Jayson «Eagle Eye» Shaw is the most prominent one. He was winning everything there is to win and is a regular member of the European Mosconi Cup team.

Peri cues prices for their cue bags and cases are very reasonable. They are top quality. They offer both soft bags and hard cue cases.

How does Peri cue prices compare to their competitors?

Well, it’s up to the owner to decide. Some say Peri cues are of superior quality, and the prices are fair compared to what you are getting.

About Peri Cues 

Peri Cues is a giant billiard equipment manufacturer. They have more than 1000 employees and produce everything from peri pool cues, tables, cue cases, and anything you need. Jayson «Eagle Eye» Shaw is the primary ambassador for Peri Cues.

  • Peri was founded in 1995. China’s #1 billiard brand with 1000 employees in the factory.
  • I embarked on trying to capture market shares outside China in 2018.
  • Jayson “Eagle eye” Shaw pledged to Peri for ten years in 2018.
  • Early adopter to the “Low Deflection” (less squirt) technology.
  • Weilu Billiards International Co., Ltd produces the Peri Cues.
  • Peri sponsors 64 players worldwide.


R&D is one of the companies’ most important areas, & some of their technology is patented. They take good pride in working with only the most sufficient material, giving excellent results in both esthetics, playability, and durability.

The company is furthermore behind the manufacturing of some other established cue brands. They are having been they’re made in their early years. Laili gained significant experience in the selection of material, as well as generating a vast knowledge in the process of creating a quality pool cue.

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