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Know About the Required Document List for Australian Visitor Visa 600

Feeling confused about the type of visa you need to visit your family or friends in Australia? Looking for a visa option to complete an educational course of three months duration only? Then you should apply for the visitor visa subclass 600 to the Ministry of Immigration, Government of Australia. This visitor visa 600 is available with a permissible period of three, six, or twelve months long and the conditions are more or less straightforward.

Visitor Visa Subclass Basic Eligibility

Although the Visa Subclass 600 has many types and the conditions and advantages change accordingly, the eligibility conditions for this visa are quite direct. The applicant has to have a genuine visitor status and must have enough funds to support their stay and leave from Australia. Relatedly, all of these have to be supported by the appropriate documents – in original form or photocopied, as required by the official in charge of the visa awarding process.

To know about the correct and appropriate document for your application, it is best to contact the most proficient Visa Consultant Perth. Their advice and help can greatly expedite the application processing time and also a better chance of successful awarding.

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Type Of Visitor Visa 600

The ministry of Australian immigration has divided the visa into several parts depending upon the purpose the applicant needs the visa for. The entitlements of the visa, however, remain more or less the same for each of the parts. Let us know in short, about the subtypes of visitor visa Australia and the advantages they provide:

  1. Visa 600- tourist stream- Application in Australia

This stream lets the applicant enter as a tourist to see their family and friends, go on a cruise vacation, or have a holiday. The visa can allow the applicant to stay for 12 months maximum.  It is also a good alternative for someone whose other visa is about to expire. The candidate must be inside Australia while applying and also when the decision about the visa application is announced.

  1. Visa 600- tourist stream- Application outside Australia

The permission to visit friends and family, going on a cruise vacation, or having a holiday remains the same. The visa is given for a 3, 6, and 12 month period. The candidate may be outside the borders of Australia during the application and the announcement of the decision.

  1. Sponsored family stream

The visa is applicable for candidates who have a friend or family who is an Australian permanent resident or citizen and sponsors him or her to visit them. The ministry can ask the sponsor to pay a security bond. The applicant must be situated outside Australia during the application and decision-making procedure.

  1. Business visitor stream

This visa sub-type allows the applicant to visit Australia for business purposes. However, they are permitted to sell goods or services, or work here.  Depending upon the permitted entry frequency, the candidate can be allowed single or multiple admission. Like the previous one, this visa also requires the applicants to be outside Australia during the application and the result.

  1. Approved Destination Status stream

This visitor visa 600 is for residents from certain Chinese areas (excluding SARs) on a tour of Australia, organized by an approved travel agent. The period of the visa is valid for the time specified by the ministry. The candidate must remain with the travel group at all times.

  1. Frequent traveler stream

This visa type is appropriate for the citizens of the People’s Republic of China who visit Australia for business and personal reasons regularly. The candidate must be the passport holder of the People’s Republic of China (SARs excluded) and provide their biometrics within China before application. The visa can be granted up to 10 years but the candidate can only stay for 3 months at a time for each entry.

The processing times of each of these visitor visa 600 are given below:

  1. Visa 600- tourist stream- Application in Australia- 4 to 8 months
  2. Visa 600- tourist stream- Application outside Australia- 4 to 8 months
  3. Sponsored family stream- 7 to 11 months
  4. Business visitor stream- 10 days to 11 months
  5. Approved Destination Status stream- not specified
  6. Frequent traveler stream- not specified.

The charges of the visas also change accordingly.

Tourist  Visa 600 Document Checklist

The documents need for the visitor visa 600 essentially has to certify two requirements: the candidates are providing their true identity and are visiting Australia as a genuine tourist. Additionally, proof of birth, age, income, and intent of return has to be submitted. The exact nature of the documents can be confirmed by the most experienced Registered Migration agent. However, a list of the documents which can be submitted to the relevant authority is provided as follows:

  • Identity documents

In addition to the photocopies of the passport showing your photo, personal details, passport issue, and expiry dates; the following documents can be submitted;

  1. National identity card, if any.
  2. Proof of name change, if applicable, like marriage or divorce certificate, a certificate from the relevant authority, or assisting documents that specify the other names.
  • Authentic visitor proof

This specifies the temporary visitor status of the applicant and the documents to be submitted are given as;

  1. Proof of sufficient finance to stay and leave Australia (individual bank statements, audited accounts, tax records, payslips, or credit card limit).
  2. A letter from your friend or relative staying in Australia and inviting you to visit. The letter could state their relationship, purpose of visit and length of stay, whether you will be staying with them, your plans in the country, a letter from your proprietor your need to return, your student status in the university.’

Character documents

Any military papers or discharge papers, if applicable.

Otherwise, other proofs like insurance cover, proof of permanent residence, or a letter stating the parentage of an Australian permanent resident or citizen may be required with the visa application.

Taking professional help

There are several intricacies in the rules and specific documents are needed for the application process of the visitor visa 600. It is better to consult an experienced Immigration Agent in Perth before starting the application process.