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Learn How To Remove Tiles Without Any Significant Damage

Wall tiles are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. They not only look attractive but also act as a protective shield to the walls because of their durability and easy maintenance. But, every materialistic being in this world is subject to weathering. So, with time, tiles also go through wear-and-tear. If you notice any damage to the tiles like cracks, you should go for a renovation. You can search for any suitable option from the Tile Repairs Perth available.

Is Removing Wall Tiles A Difficult Job?

To be very honest, removing tiles is not that difficult and doesn’t require significant effort. But, you need to invest an ample amount of time. Because after removing, you will find holes and grooves created on the wall. You need to give some more time to repair the wall now, as you will need to have a smooth wall before re-tiling it. So, spending more time and effort in removing the tiles will definitely reduce your burden.

What Materials And Tools You Will Need To Remove Tiles?

You may call a professional local handyman Perth to remove your tiles to avoid causing damage, but the fact is that you can do it yourself quite easily. Only you should have proper working tools and a well-designed plan. Tools requirements will vary according to the size of the project. Say, if your project requires 48 hours to complete, that can be very messy.

So, you will need specific tools for every step. In general, the tools that are used are a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes, a dust mask to prevent dust intrusion, a pair of hard safety gloves for the sake of your hands, a hammer, a blade scraper, a saw, or a grout cutter, a pry bar, a tile cutter, a screwdriver or a chisel, a utility knife, a utility clipper, and a large bin bag. You may also keep a hot air gun for the necessary Tile Repairs Perth procedure.

What Preparation Measures You Should Take Before The Start?

There are certain preparation measures that you should take before you start removing the tiles. This will depend on the location, whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom.

  1. For tile removal in the bathroom, you should first cover the bathtub and all the porcelain fixtures and fittings.
  2. For kitchen tile removal, you must take out the light furniture of the room and take precautionary measures for countertops, bulky kitchen appliances, and appliances that are made of brittle materials.
  3. Drains and sinkholes are present in both the kitchen and bathroom. The resulting dust matter can easily get into the pipework and cause clogging. So, before you start your work, cover all the drains and sinkholes.
  4. Your floors can get damaged by heavy and hard tiles. So, you must put a blanket or rug on it, irrespective of the material it is made up of.
  5. If your project involves anything like the removal of tiled splashback, then it’s better to cut off the power source to any electronic socket present on the wall.

How Will You Remove Wall Tiles Without Damaging The Surface Under It?

Once you have done with all the preparations, now the time has come to remove tiles one-by-one, without causing any significant damage to the wall surface. Of course, you can contact handyman repair services but it’s better to do it yourself. That will save you a lot. Well, at one instance you may require to contact anyone from handyman services Perth.

If your house was built before 1970, then the paint that is on your wall is very likely to contain lead. As you know, lead is extremely harmful to human health and especially children, it’s better not to deal with it. You can consult with any professional to become aware of the likely outcomes. Here is given a step-by-step solution on how you can remove the tiles.

  1. Remove the grout: You must remove the grout first. The process is indeed time-consuming but if you remove it first, you will be greatly benefitted later because of the fact that it will reduce your effort to break the tiles into pieces. To soften the grout, a hot air gun can come really handy. After it gets softened, you can remove it using the utility knife. You should make sure that you remove it down to the wall. This will make the tiles pop out more easily without causing any further damage. You don’t need to remove it completely. Once the spacer lugs get visible, that will be enough.
  2. Remove the tiles from the wall: You should start with the process of tapping the corners of a few tiles in order to locate loose edges. After this is done, slide your chisel behind the tile and hit lightly with the hammer. A tile can get removed off the wall quite easily. Removing the first one is quite difficult, but once you get the exposed edges of the next, your workload will automatically be less.
  3. Break the tiles: If your tiles are directly attached to a mortar, you will need to break them. Always use a protective eye mask while performing this step because broken pieces of porcelain tiles become extremely sharp and can cause serious injury. While breaking them, try to work with a hammer and chisel from a side angle and in horizontal lines.
  4. Clear off the adhesive and any other remains: Use a cold chisel or a utility knife or a tile cutter to clear off the adhesive and any other material that remains on the wall to make it smooth and flat so that newer tiles can be attached later.

For a better experience in tiling Perth, you can contact experts offering tile repairs in Perth. You can also get in touch with the local handyman Perth, and let them do the job successfully.

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