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Make easy immigration from Dubai to Canada in 2021

With the current situation that is going on in the entire world, you must be thinking of moving somewhere other than Dubai that has better career opportunities. Getting a Canada PR from Dubai must have crossed your mind. If so, then this is for you.

Did you know that in 2021 moving to Canada from Dubai is now accessible? With the help of the right Canada PR Consultant in Dubai, you can make a move with no difficulty whatsoever. Canada, being the country that accepts immigrants with open arms, you should know that there are many pros to uprooting your family. Though the country may seem unfamiliar, the people in Canada make up for it by being extremely polite and friendly.

Eligibility requirements for Canada PR:

We all understand for a fact that every country has its specific eligibility criteria for immigrants to acquire citizenship. For getting Permanent Residency status of Canada, there is a list of requirements that you need to look into, like a pre-requisite. This makes Canada’s immigration from Abu Dhabi a lot simpler.

  1. Any individual who has a minimum of 67 points can apply for the Canadian Express Entry program.
  2. Any individual had good command over English Language or French Language.
  3. Any individual was having at least two years of full-time work experience under the below-mentioned categories.
  • Type 0 – Managerial Occupations
  • Class A – Professional Occupations
  • Type B – Technical Occupations and Skilled traders

It would help if you got your educational assessment, health, and character certificates from trained professionals, along with these. As soon as you get your eligibility requirements sorted, you can now apply for the PR status. With a simple set of steps to follow, you can quickly get your Canadian PR from Dubai. After you get your Educational Credential Assessment results, you will understand which category you can apply from. You can create your profile for Express Entry and fill in the details. As you receive your invitation to apply for a visa, you can take your passport to the nearest Embassy to get it stamped.

Living in Canada:

Canada is seen as one of the most prosperous countries in the world. It attracts several people every year. Several families from the United Arab Emirates relocate to Canada for their different levels of living. As it provides immense opportunities, it is the best place for students and skilled workers alike. If you are thinking of running a business in Canada, you can make it possible, as Canada provides opportunities for business people.

For all the good reasons, get the best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada and apply for Canadian PR. Once you get it, you are allowed to hold it for five years. But after three years of continuous stay in Canada, you can apply for citizenship.

Let us explore more about living in Canada.


Canada immigration from Dubai can be challenging, especially with the new lifestyle and its culture. Canada is a country that is highly varied in landscape, people, and climate. As it has incorporated a wide range of people from all over the world, the Canadian way of life is also full of diverse cultures and people. It varies from one person to the next. The most critical thinking for Canadians is their pride, their belief in overall equality. Hence they respect each individual. Being the most peace-loving country of all, it provides a safe and secure place for families to restart their life.


If you think of getting a higher degree, you need to opt for the Best Consultancy in Dubai for Canada relocation. Dubai is not as well known for educational opportunities as Canada, which has always been known for its world-class facilities, top Universities, and excellent colleges. Their Universities have been hosting several students for numerous years now. They provide a long list of unique courses in each university that attract all International students to Canada. With its diversified campus, it gives students to explore world cultures and develop positively.


With diverse multi-cultural elements with excellent educational facilities, there are numerous advantages of living in a fine country like Canada. It provides a whole of its natural resources. As greens surround Canada, it is delightful to have a life outdoors. A healthcare facility is another draw-card, as Canada provides the best hospitals, care facilities, and medications. These and many other benefits are the reason to move to Canada.

Better jobs:

It is a well-known fact that Canada is known as the land of opportunities. Most people look forward to their relocation to Canada due to the better work opportunities. There are work opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, but not as promising as those in Canada. You can quickly get a Canadian work permit from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and you can work according to your liking. It offers a great of job prospects to migrated workers all around the country. It has not only employment opportunities but also business prospects. As there are not many skilled individuals in the country, Canadian organizations constantly search for new talent.

Better opportunities:

As the Canadian Government emphasizes pooling in foreign workers and business people, Canada’s promising economic growth. Its approach towards immigration is increased exponentially over the past two years due to the pandemic situation. While the rest of the world faces extreme unemployment cases, Canada remains unaffected by a large. There are Canada PR Consultants in Dubai that will give you a clear idea of Canada’s better chances for you and your family for healthy living.

To Consider:

While Canada is a peace-loving range with people that polite and humble, immigration from Dubai to Canada can be done hassle-free. All you need to do is follow some steps and pack your bags.