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How HP Envy became one of the most bought laptops of the year

The year 2020 becomes an expectedly great year for the digital industry. In the year, where many industries collapsed. There much other industry also saw a sudden rise. In those industries, gaming also consists. And with the rise in gamers, the sales of computers and laptops also rose. And among the laptops, the HP Envy laptop became one of the most bought laptops of the year. the most bought laptops of the year.

Today we are going to see the features and specifications, that enabled this laptop to become one of the successful laptops in this competition. As a whole HP is considered one of the leading brands in the computer industry. And its products are bought all around the globe. 

But what does the HP Envy has, that is hit the market? lets, take a glance at some of the specs of HP Envy.

Some specifications of HP Envy:

CPU and GPU:

The processor and graphics cards play a vital role in any computer and laptop. These are the fundamental parts of any computer, that decides the efficiency and speed of the laptop. The HP Envy offers the intel core i7 9th Gen Processor along with the NVIDIA MX250(4GB) GPU. This is 1 of the best graphics cards for Minecraft and Fortnite like games. However, this processor and GPU also fulfill the minimum requirements for high-end games like COD or CSGO.

RAM and Storage:

In this HP Envy laptop, you get a DDR4 16GB of RAM. which is more than enough for gaming. Besides, for storage, you get a 512GB of SSD. Which adds a plus point in the speed of the laptop. Moreover, you get extra slots for RAM and SSD or HDD. You can add additional RAMS or SSD in the future if you want to. So, this is I think, one reason that allows me to consider it the best choice for gaming. And this flexibility in the specifications, I didn’t get in any other laptop.


The display used in the HP Envy is one of the widest. You get a 17 inches Full HD IPS display. Which is one of the biggest screen among the laptops. Additionally, not to forget, that the screen is detachable. This suggests that It can be used as a laptop and tablet simultaneously. And this also saves you money. If you buy a tablet. Because of the 17 inches’ big screen. There is no need for additional tablets.

Moreover, the display technology used here protects the user’s eyes from eye strain, and other harmful rays, that are emitted from the laptop’s screens. The eye-friendly display technology enables you to get screen time without having any eye problems. And most importantly, the screen technology has been mainly built to protect the eyes of children. Because they take most of their time on the screen.

Design and style:

It is a no-brainer, that in style and class no laptop can compare to the Apple MacBook. However, this time the HP made comparatively better laptops. The HP Envy comes in silver color, in slim body shape. The laptop is quite slim than other typical laptops. Moreover, the laptop has been built with a full metal body. And due to this, the weight of the laptop rises a bit. The net power of the laptop is 5.4lbs.

However, the weight doesn’t feel heavy in hand due to the suitable design and slim body shape.


Moreover, other specs are also up to the mark of any gaming laptop. The keyboard has a backlit. which enables the user to use it in dark? Besides the battery backup timing is also quite sufficient. The battery can last long up to 4 hours during play. However, in the usual activities, the battery can give a backup of 8 hours.

Bottom Line:

In all aspects, the HP Envy laptop has all those features that one can expect. Moreover, the laptop is available at a quite satisfactory price. And has the ability to compete with any other laptop in this range.