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Outriders Server Issues: How to Check it?

The release of Outriders in 2017 was met with some excitement. However, outriders server issues and a dearth of endgame content caused players to lose interest very quickly. If you are currently playing the most recent DLC and searching for information on how to check the status of the Outriders server, then this is the information you require.

Outriders Worldslayer has been released into the wild, and along with it comes a new tier cap, new content for the end game, and tonnes of enemies to eliminate. Unhappily, with this rekindled interest in the game comes a significant increase in the number of individuals who are interested in playing it for themselves. It is very likely that servers will experience difficulties as more content is released.

outriders server issues

How to Check the Current Status of the Outriders Server? 

The very first thing that players need to do is determine whether the issues they are having are specific to only them or whether they are a symptom of a more widespread problem with the game servers. Players should check the Outriders Server Status page as their first order of business. You can go there by clicking on the link in the sentence.

This status page will be regularly updated by Square Enix with information on any problems that the game may be experiencing, as well as a rundown of any problems that the developers may be investigating. These problems could include performance issues that are affecting the multiplayer experience, as well as any potential server outages.

Outriders Server Issues: How to Check it?

Your Outriders connection could be malfunctioning for many reasons.
Poor game and player connections may be due to the game’s usage of peer-to-peer connections instead of dedicated servers for online multiplayer. People Can Fly the main designer Piotr Nowakowski told VG247:

When building the game years ago, we decided against using dedicated servers. Due to the game’s low player base, Nowakowski said dedicated servers weren’t necessary. “Because we have a three-player co-op, we don’t need dedicated servers. We designed the game with that in mind, and dedicated servers were considered, but we decided against them.

Even the best servers will struggle with more gamers than expected. If tonnes of players try the game, the servers will likely crash. Check out our best Pyromancer, technomancer, Devastator, and trickster builds if you’re finally playing. Worldslayer comes with a free level boost, so choose wisely.

Check Outriders Worldslayer Status:

  • Check the official Outriders Twitter account for information on maintenance and connection troubles.
  • This page shows the Outriders and Worldslayer expansion server status.
  • Use the third-party DownDetector page for Outriders to see whether other gamers have reported troubles and to report your own.
    If you’re experiencing delay, connect your gaming PC or console to your router by LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi. This isn’t invasive or technical and could help.
  • If Outriders servers are down, watch the Worldslayers expansion trailer to get pumped for high-octane combat when they return.
  • Here’s how to verify if the Outriders Worldslayer servers are down and their connection status.