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Understanding CAST Perimeter PoE Lighting Interface

Do you realize that security is one of the most significant factors to take care of in a property? Yes! We can help you maintain competent security at the perimeters with our lighting products. We have come up with robust security solutions to help you stay ahead of the intruders. Perimeter lights, alarms, and perimeter fence security should be your top concerns. And hence, it is exactly what we promise to deliver to you.

CAST Perimeter lights:

CAST Perimeter is one of the most celebrated names in the field of perimeter lights and security solutions. Our wide range of lighting products delivers top-class perimeter fence security.

The best lighting products by CAST:

The most prominent products are our CPL2 and CPL38 lights.

The CAST Perimeter Wall Pack Light also delivers efficient performance and is easily mounted on walls, posts, and fences. We can use them for commercial, municipal, and residential purposes.

The CAST Perimeter Night Owl CPL3IR helps to enhance the nighttime vision for CCTV cameras. It delivers field tunable infrared intensity adjustment and makes sure that the images captured at night are just as clear as they would be in the daytime.

There are many other products from CAST Perimeter, and you can choose the one that best suit your needs.

CAST PoE LED Lighting Interface:

An innovation in perimeter lighting, this product is one of the proudest presentations of the company. CAST Lighting has teamed up with EtherWan to manufacture PoE powered LED lights. These lights are low-cost and low-voltage. They deliver ideal performance and cut your electricity bills to a minimum.

Features of CAST PoE Lights:

The PoE lighting interface takes power from EtherWan’s 60W switch. Particularly, we use our noted products, i.e., CPL2 and CPL38, with the switch. They can deliver 40 feet and 100 feet diameter of light coverage, respectively. The lighting device is able to cater up to 200 feet of fence illumination.

How do EtherWan’ switch and CAST PoE lighting interface work:

EtherWan’s custom-product takes up electric power from its hardened switch and distributes it to CAST Perimeter Lights and other IoT devices with its PoE dedicated ports. In most cases, two of the ports are for CAST Perimeter Lights, while the other six offer support to IoT devices.

Powering up your lights with PoE systems for enhancing perimeter fence security can save you a significant amount of electricity. The ideal CAT 5/6 ethernet cable transfers data network and electric power to the CAST PoE lighting interface. Thus, this setup ensures foolproof performance.

EtherWan and IoT devices:

Our one-switch EtherWan device delivers efficient performance in controlling our IoT devices. You can use a number of IoT devices with this switch. For instance, you can control security cameras, perimeter fence alarms, door lock systems, occupancy sensors, etc. Moreover, you can also connect Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems via PoE.

Boost your perimeter fencing security:

With the latest innovations in security solutions like our PoE lighting interface, you can target to achieve robust perimeter fence security. Utilize CAST Lighting products with EtherWan’s custom-made one-equipment switch to control and power all the devices from one place. To conclude, light up your fences with our security solutions, because if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.

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