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Prime Video Not Working on Roku: How to Fix?

There are a few different manifestations that might take place when Prime Video Not Working on Roku:

  • There will be no rollout of the Amazon Prime app for Roku at any point.
  • Your Amazon Prime account will not let you log in at this time.
  • You are unable to play any videos from Amazon Prime.

These problems could manifest themselves in the absence of any error notifications. Either when you are logged in and attempting to start a movie from your Amazon Prime account or when you are trying to pick the Amazon Prime symbol on your device’s screen, you may get one of these errors.

prime video not working on roku

Reasons for Prime Video Not Working on Roku:

There are several potential reasons why you are unable to access Amazon Prime on your Roku device, including the ones listed above. Not having an internet connection, having difficulty with your Amazon Prime membership, or having troubles with the Roku streaming device itself are examples of these concerns. There are various situations in which the Amazon Prime Roku Channel can suddenly cease functioning. Or, as a final option, the Roku device itself could require an updated version of the software that runs it.

Prime Video Not Working on Roku: How to Fix?

Because there are so many different things that might be causing Prime Video to stop working on the Roku, it is best, to begin with, the most straightforward solutions and then work your way up to the more involved ones.

  • Do you have any additional internet-connected devices? The most common cause for the Prime Video app not launching on Roku is when your internet connection isn’t working. If your computer or phone can’t connect to the internet, it’s likely a network issue. If so, check your internet connection. Restarting your router can help.
  • Slow internet? Slow internet might create difficulty launching Roku apps, even if you’re connected. Internet speed test. Internet speed may be improved by troubleshooting.
  • Restart Roku. Restarting your Roku device might fix app and system issues.
  • Is Roku online? Possibly the problem if no Roku channels open. Check your Roku’s menu for a network IP address. If not, connect your Roku to Wi-Fi. As long as your Wi-Fi is online, Amazon Prime should operate.
  • Check your Amazon Prime account’s status and password. Check Amazon Prime’s status. If so, that’s why Roku won’t play Prime Video.
  • Uninstall Amazon Prime. If the channel is frozen or crashed, uninstalling and reinstalling it should fix the problem.
  • Roku update. Outdated Roku devices might prevent Amazon Prime from launching. When channels are working, updating the Roku is a useful troubleshooting step. Follow these instructions to update Roku.

    1: Press the Roku Home button.
    2: Settings, System Settings, System Update.
    3: Check Now on System Update.
    4: Roku will download and install updates automatically.

  • If nothing else works, contact Amazon for technical help. Amazon has a chat website for tech help.


Prime Video can run on Roku in many ways. If not, try these fixes:

  • Reboot your TV and Roku
  • Check Prime Video’s servers
  • Prime Video app reinstallation
  • Wi-Fi router restart
  • Internet speed check
  • Roku connection strength
  • Reset Roku OS Roku

In the event that none of the aforementioned solutions worked, you should bring your Roku device to the local service facility; doing so will undoubtedly fix the problem. Amazon Prime Video on Roku not working? Tell us what works in the comments below.

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