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RCU Credit Card Rewards: All About uChoose Rewards!

With Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card, you may take advantage of a competitive interest rate that is among the best available. Everyone who is eligible for our RCU Credit Card Rewards has the same low-interest rate! There are no complicated rate tiers, and there is no requirement to jump through any hoops in order to obtain this great deal.

What are Reward Points?

Every time you buy something with a credit card, you get points. Values of reward points depending on the type of card and what you buy. With the HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card, you get two reward points for every Rs. 150 you spend and four points for shopping online. So, if you spend Rs. 1,500 offline, you’ll get 20 points, but if you spend it online, you’ll get 40. Reward points can turn in for vouchers, air miles, gift cards, and many other things.

Why Use Royal’s Credit Card (RCU)?

rcu credit card rewards

  • You can use Visa® to pay anywhere and get uChoose Rewards® for every purchase.
  • You can add your card to digital wallets like Apple PayTM and Google PayTM.
  • There are no annual or balance transfer fees.
  • Your credit score can go up if you use your credit card in a responsible way.

Advantages of RCU Credit Card Rewards

  • Extended warranty coverage and purchase security
  • Roadside dispatch®
  • Travel and assistance in an emergency
  • ID Navigator is part of the Royal Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa® card. Powered by NortonLifeLock, it gives cardholders tools they can use right away if their identity is stolen.
  • Royal’s Platinum Rewards Visa® and Business Rewards Visa® credit cards earn uChoose Rewards®. Every dollar spent earns cardholders reward points. Redeem points for statement credits, travel tickets, merchandise, and gift cards.

How Does uChoose Rewards® Work?

Members of Royal Credit Union who use their personal or business credit cards get uChoose Rewards®. Cardholders don’t have to pay to use uChoose Rewards®. Here are some important things to know about your credit card’s terms and conditions when it comes to earning points:

  • Whether you buy something in-store or online, you get reward points.
  • Users of the Royal credit card get one point for every dollar they spend.
  • There is no point limit per year.
  • You don’t get points for transfers, fees, interest, or cash advances.
  • Even transactions that aren’t done yet don’t earn points.
  • If you return or cancel a purchase that earned you points, you’ll lose them.
  • Monthly points are put into your account by the 10th of the next month. After 5 years, post-month points lose their value.
  • If you close your Royal card account, your points will wipe out and you won’t be able to use them. If you lose or have your old card stolen, your points balance will move to a new card.

Checking of RCU Credit Card Rewards Balance:

People with personal credit cards can use Credit Card Access to check their uChoose Rewards® balance. Sign in to online banking or our mobile app, expand the Cards tab, and click Credit Card Access. To see how many points you have, choose uChoose Rewards® from the Credit Card Access menu.

uChoose Rewards® are linked to the parent billing account of business cardholders. People who have business credit cards can have kid accounts. People who have access to the main billing account for the company credit card are the only ones who can see and use the points.

Businesses with this access can check their uChoose Rewards® balance through business online banking or our business mobile app. Then, choose Rewards to see how many points you have.

uChoose Rewards® point balances are shown on both personal and business credit card statements.

Redeeming uChoose Rewards:

You can use your uChoose Rewards® points once you go to the rewards site. Also, You can choose from statement credits, prepaid gift cards, products, and trips.

You can sometimes pay the difference between how much an item costs and how many points you have. You can choose the reward and put in your payment information if you need 1,000 more points to buy travel tickets. Moreover, You can’t use points to cover the whole difference. Also, call 855-224-5855 to redeem uChoose Rewards®.


Royal Credit Union was founded in 1964 by Uniroyal employees in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Hence, Royal had 2,100 members and $1 million in assets by November 1967. So, at any moment, you can transfer your balance without incurring any fees with the Royal Platinum Rewards Visa® credit card! Because utilizing one of the RCU Credit Card Rewards alternatives allows you to get what you require at a price that fits within your budget and with no effort. I hope you get all about RCU Credit Card Rewards that you want. Don’t forget to comment below.

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