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Roku Remote Volume Not Working How to Fix?

Your TV volume may adjust using the volume buttons on the Roku remote. Once your Roku streaming device is connected to your TV’s HDMI ARC port, setting it up is easy. Additionally, ensure sure the CEC capabilities of your TV are enabling. Depending on the brand of TV, they go under different names, such as Simplink for LG, EasyLink for Philips, and Anynet+ for Samsung. then adhere to the guidelines below. You may conduct a fast setup once more to get it operating if it stops working. Even though doing it again is irritating, it is quick. To save you time and effort, I have explained the main problems in this post along with their fixes.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working?

These are the procedures.

  • On your Roku voice remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings by scrolling up or down.
  • Choose Remote, followed by Remotes & devices.
  • After choosing your voice remote from the list, click Set up the remote for TV control.

Remember that after you have your TV’s Roku volume control configured, you can also control your soundbar or AV receiver by turning on CEC on your TV and connecting your soundbar and receiver to the HDMI ARC input on your TV. The TV volume is then changed using your Roku remote, and the soundbar or receiver volume is changed via CEC.

Change the Remote

Your remote control may break if none of the above fixes work for you. Additionally, you might need to spend money on a new remote if the issue started recurring after your Roku remote sustained drop or water damage.

Change the Volume With Your Roku Remote

Try resetting the Roku device if both the remote and your Roku device aren’t working correctly. You will lose all of your passwords and all of your customized settings will erase. However, it often aids in system refreshment.
New firmware upgrades can occasionally include problems or malfunctions that prevent the system from operating correctly. Your Roku device’s settings or the Roku companion app may use to reset it.

Additionally, make sure the Roku player and controller are receiving enough Wi-Fi signals. The Roku device and the remote’s functionality may impact by weak Wi-Fi signals.

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