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Screen time for children

“Screen time for children” in today’s alarming issue. It is a term used for activities done in front of a screen just like watching TV, play video games, or working on a computer. During the last few months, the ratio of screen timing is rapidly increasing due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The government bounded to everyone at home. In these cases, outdoor activities were closed. Children made themself busy with video games, playing games on a computer or mobiles and watching TV. Put to use, screen time plays a vital role in keeping children engaged at home and make them save, but it was harmful. Utilization of screens may be beneficial and maybe not for children.

According to a report, children from 1 month to 24 months have no screen time. Children under age two should have not screen time. Children over the age of two can use screen times, just 1 to 2 hours per day or less than 2 hours. Most American children spend three hours a day watching TV; all types of screen time can total five to 7 hours a day. To modicum screen utilization for children can be challenging for parents.

Good and Bad points of screen timing

Every picture has two sides; through the use of computers, children learn unique things; they do searches and play mind games such as puzzles and chase, which make them flamboyant. They read moral stories. These are good points, and in this way, it is beneficial not only for children but also for us too. But On the another hand, we cannot run away from reality the screen time increases a child’s risk for obesity because:

  1. It is a sedentary activity, meaning you are physically inactive while sitting down, so very little energy is used during screen time.
  2. Children eat more if they are watching TV.
  3. Raise the child’s risk of gaining too much weight
  4. They can’t sleep well,
  5. Brings behavioral problems
  6. Violence
  7. Less time to do outdoor activities

Responsibilities for parents:

Parents have the best responsibility for their children, probably children not do that in front of their parents, which they do alone. This is an alarming situation. Parents should have to keep an eye on their children what they are doing on computer screens or mobile screens or other sources. Children have an immature mind; they cannot understand what is healthy for them. Parents have to be polite and being a role model for their children. They have to set rules for screen times and also obey themselves.  Approach them in a right way. Build a healthy mind. Don’t permit to utilize the screen alone. Always use screens in observation or monitoring.

Some guidelines for parents

  • Dismiss the computer or TV from your child’s bedroom
  • Don’t permit to watch TV during homework or meals.
  • Don’t let your child eat while using video games.
  • Don’t leave the TV on for noise.
  • Select programs to watch when that’s over. Turn off the TV
  • Emphasize to play circular games, suggest to go for morning and evening walks

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